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Investing in your future together

Rabobank Australia offers access to a wide range of deposit options to suit your personal or business requirements. Our wide range of deposit options can make the most of any surplus funds to help you achieve your financial objectives. Choose from call deposits, cash management, term deposits (short-term and long-term) and farm management deposits, plus we monitor interest rates daily to ensure market-competitive rates.


Also available via our online banking service – RaboDirect - we have savings accounts and term deposits.


Money deposited with Rabobank Australia Limited after 30 April 2015 is not guaranteed by its parent company, Rabobank (Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A.)


Committed to Australian agriculture

As well as being an investment in your own future growth, Rabobank deposits are an investment in the ongoing prosperity of the country’s primary producers who benefit from these funds being reinvested locally in the form of rural loans.  


Rabobank deposit products are issued by Rabobank Australia Limited ABN 50 001 621 129 AFSL 234 700. Consider the relevant Disclosure Documents along with your personal objectives, financial situation and needs before making any financial decisions. Fees and charges may apply.

Cash Management Account

The Rabobank Cash Management Account (CMA) is designed to put your hard earned savings to work, while giving you day-to-day access to your funds...

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Term Deposits

Rabobank’s term deposits can help you take advantage of any extra funds you may have to invest, with a fixed rate of return from your investment with us, allowing you to plan ahead on future savings...

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Short Term Deposits

If you don’t need instant access to your money, our short-term deposits provide a competitive fixed interest rate, with a range of flexible terms and interest payment options...

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Long Term Deposits

If you can afford to make you money work a little harder for you over longer periods, Rabobank’s long-term deposits give you highly competitive fixed interest rates with a wider range of terms and interest payment options...

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RaboDirect is an online bank that provides a wide range of savings products to suit your needs. From Term Deposits, a High Interest Savings Account, Premium Saver and Notice Saver....

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Call Deposits

If you’d like to invest any extra cash you may have available, but want to be able to access it at short notice, this account could suit you and your business...

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Farm Management Deposits

Farm management deposits (FMDs) can help you smooth out the ups and downs associated with the business of agribusiness over the years; set aside pre-tax income in good years for use in those lower income years. We offer you a...

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Your money is in safe hands
Eligible Rabobank deposits are guaranteed by the Australian Government's Financial Claims Scheme up to a combined total balance of $250,000.
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