Succession Facilitation 

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Helping you find a collective vision for the future of your farm


The idea of initiating succession discussions can be overwhelming. Family farm succession is multifaceted, and involves a complex mix of family and business relationships. At the heart of these obstacles lies the need for honest conversations around a common vision.



How we can help you get started


The best time to begin succession planning is right now; farming families that begin the planning journey early, benefit from tackling succession over time. Having honest conversations regarding business goals, family priorities and business profitability sooner rather than later helps to manage family expectations.

"We've achieved a lot in the last four years, to be able to be collectively working together and to be working with my sons as peers in business is an amazing place to be".

- Murray Douglas

We offer two business succession services:

  1. Foundations of Farm Succession Workshops
  2. Independent Facilitation for Family Succession Meetings


Our business succession services will assist you in developing a strategy to keep the next generation involved in the family farm. Seeking succession facilitation to assist with implementing strategies to align business and family visions and expectations can help reduce the risk of any conflict for business and family relationships about succession.


Succession Workshops


We host regular succession workshops throughout Australia as well as individual tailored family meetings to assist with decision making around succession at all stages of the farm succession process.


Upcoming Foundations of Farm Succession Workshops

Perth – August


Please contact Kim Lee for a complimentary consultation to assist you and your family with your succession needs.


Kim Lee
Succession Planning Facilitator
P: 02 6362 5311 or 0427 696 278

Kim Lee is one of our Succession Planning Facilitators and has extensive experience in working with rural farming families to achieve personal, family and financial benefits for each generation.


Through a genuine understanding of the inter-relationships between on-farm and off-farm family members, Kim Lee has delivered successful outcomes for many families. These outcomes include direction and clarity of goals, increased financial awareness and security and increased opportunities for the business.


Kim holds a degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Sydney, a Master of Economics specialising in small business management, finance and strategy, a Diploma from the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and commercial mediation qualifications from Bond University. Prior to joining Rabobank, she lectured in business and management at the University of Sydney and lived on a mixed farming business in the central west of NSW for over 20 years.


Upcoming Foundations of Farm Succession Workshops

  • Perth – August
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