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Jennifer and Peter Brew, Brisbane QLD

Jennifer and Peter Brew


As retirees, Brisbane-based couple Jennifer and Peter Brew have spent a lot of time travelling through rural Australia in their caravan, and they love knowing that they are helping farmers by investing with Rabobank.

“We’ve been around Australia a couple of times and when we go into the outback we see how farmers live. We stay in the country towns and by spending money there, we’re doing our little bit to help,” Jennifer said.

That desire to help is one of the reasons that Jennifer and Peter decided at the end of 2018 to bank with Rabobank when they were looking to secure their income in retirement.

“Rabobank had the best fixed interest rate over a five-year period and when I did my research, I saw that it was an agricultural bank and that it supported the farmers,” Jennifer said.

“To know that the money that we are investing is helping the farmers is just great. It’s helping us both.”
Jennifer and Peter Brew
Jennifer and Peter Brew


A winner of a double Golden Ticket to Rabobank’s Farm2Fork, Summit, Jennifer said she likes to visit farms and going to Farm2Fork was another way to learn more about farmers and the agriculture sector.

“It was brilliant with all of the speakers and the exhibits. It just blew me away,” she said.

Jennifer enjoyed hearing about innovative farmers like a grower who turns sub-standard bananas that can’t be sold into alternative products and seeing innovative products on display such as various insects being used to make protein powder.

“It was great to see everything and all the people who are dedicated to their farms,” she added.

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