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Our People - Meet Gareth

Gareth Horne

Branch Manager, Hobart TAS

  • A foodie who enjoys Tasmania's farmers fresh produce
  • Loves forming lasting partnerships
  • Actively connects clients with rural producers locally and globally

Gareth Horne

What is your role here at Rabobank?

I have been with Rabobank for 9 years. I started with the local branch in Smithton as a rural manager looking after our clients and their lending requirements. Today I am the branch manager for Hobart and while I have responsibilities to the local branch staff my focus is still on clients and their needs.

How do you help our clients?

I love the fact that even as a rural lender, my job is much more than just providing clients with finance. We can connect farmers with other farmers not just locally, but across the world.

Just the other day, we helped a client with a property purchase and through our networks, we were also able to suggest some potential farm managers that may be the right fit to run the new operation. And this is not a unique occasion either as it's just what any of our team will do, it's all about building lasting partnerships.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Over the last 9 years, I have been able to hang out with some of the Apple Isles best farmers. My clients are the whole parcel of what Tassie has to offer - from sheep, beef and cereals to potatoes, dairy and even poppies. I am based in Hobart, but wherever you go, you will find that we are all passionate foodies who are just a little excited to be working in agriculture.

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