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Our People - Meet Justin

Justin Harrison

Regional Manger, Major Agribusiness Clients QLD/NT

  • Looks after our corporate clients
  • Loves helping clients become successful and profitable
  • Enjoys working with people who share his vision and passion for agriculture

Justin Harrison

What is your role here at Rabobank?

I have been with Rabobank for over 14 years. During that period I have covered a lot of ground, from Melbourne, to Dalby and then the US, before finding myself back in Toowoomba. Today, I head up Major Agribusiness Clients for Queensland and Northern Territory.

How do you help our clients?

I've moved from Regional Manager Southern Queensland to eventually take on the role of State Manager QLD/NT in 2007. During that period, I'm proud to say that our local team were able to significantly increase their lending to Queensland rural producers.

In 2011 I transferred to RaboAgrifinance, St Louis, USA as Executive Vice President Customer Experience and Head of Business Development. M
y role there was to grow our business so that US farmers could enjoy the same service that our farmers here were already experiencing with Rabobank. We took the Australian business model and overlaid it on the US and we went from there. With the dedication of the US team, we were able to build our business to become one of the leading US Ag lenders.

What has been your most memorable moment with Rabobank?

I will never forget the first branch that I opened with Michael Webber in Dalby, our premises was an old hairdressing salon. The bathroom was a thunder box right down the back with a dog chain latch. In summer you had to watch for black snakes on the path.

Back when we were building the business, Michael and I would sometimes be there until 10pm at night still working and we would look at each other and say "gee we are working long hours" – but guess what, we enjoyed every minute and still had a smile on our faces.

What makes Rabobank different for you?

Rabobank is a unique business with a wonderful culture and an excellent business proposition. The lender to farmers who feed the world, It doesn’t get much better than that.

I love working with people who share my vision and passion for agriculture. And the best part about my journey with Rabobank so far has been the ability to work closely with clients to watch them grow their business to be successful and profitable.

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