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Our People - Meet Stewart

Stewart Morris

Equipment Finance Manager, Armidale NSW

  • I work with Rural Managers and their clients to ensure we structure any funding to meet the client's cash flow needs
  • I really enjoy talking to a diverse range of clients
  • Building meaningful relationships is a fundamental part of agribusiness
Wes Lefroy

What is your role here at Rabobank?

I work with Rural Managers and their clients to ensure we structure any funding to meet the client's cash flow needs along with matching the lifespan of the asset. Having been a Rural Manager myself in the past, this extra support that we can provide to our clients, I believe, is something really valuable and sets us apart from other finance providers as there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to our funding structures.

How do you support our clients?

Whenever I talk to clients, especially clients I’m talking to for the first time, I make sure I avoid jargon and don’t assume any finance knowledge. A lot of problems have grown from simply assuming clients know something, when they have never had it explained to them in simple terms.

I really like being able to help clients grow their businesses, which keeps our regional areas viable for all residents. One of the best things about being in agribusiness is being on farm with clients, looking at their crop/product and then seeing that same product in the supermarket. Knowing that you have been a part of the whole stage of the food production is a really special feeling.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I really enjoy talking to a diverse range of clients. Talking to clients about a new header for the cropping operation, then next call discussing a tree shaker for macadamia harvesting is something that I always enjoy.

I am also really looking forward to getting back out on the road and going to see clients face to face again. Building meaningful relationships with customers is something that I think is really undervalued in a lot of industries, but I find it to be a fundamental part of agribusiness.

How has COVID-19 affected the way you work?

It has been a really strange time starting with Rabobank over the last few months. I had spent over 10+yrs in my old role, going into the office every one of those days and never working from home.

With COVID-19 I have had to start a new role, working out of my spare room and without ever meeting any of my colleagues face to face which has been something that has required a lot of patience from all involved (and a lot of shared screens, when learning how to use different programs!) I think I have learnt more in the last three months than I have in the first three months of any other job I have had.

Whilst it has been a challenging time, starting a new role without being able to go into the office, I think it actually has been an eye opening experience. It has shown us that we don’t need to go into the office every day to be successful and productive. It is really nice to be able to play with my son when he gets home from day-care, and then jump on the computer to finish things off once he is in bed.


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