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Our People - Meet Wes

Wes Lefroy

RaboResearch Agricultural Analyst

  • I connect the dots between global and local markets
  • I really enjoy seeing the impact of my knowledge & insights
  • I love the engaging conversations with clients
Wes Lefroy

What is your role here at Rabobank?

As an Agricultural Analyst within the RaboResearch team, I am charged with connecting the dots between global and local markets, then delivering foresight to our corporate agribusiness and farmer clients. Originally starting with a very strong focus on grains and oilseeds, over the last three years I have launched our research on Agricultural Land and AgTechnology.

How do you support our clients?

I am fortunate to be able to play a role in supporting both the market needs and strategic decision-making of farmers and agribusinesses in Australia and New Zealand. Working closely with colleagues based in the Netherlands, New York, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Hong Kong and Mumbai, enables me to compare and contrast global trends and events as basis for meaningful interactions with clients. Our team does this in several ways - reports, podcasts, speaking to the media, presentations and client meetings. The knowledge demand on farmers is growing rapidly, and our broad array of experience ensures we are armed with the insights required to support their decision making.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

First and foremost, I love the engaging conversations with clients. I really enjoy seeing the impact my knowledge and insights has on businesses in this market. If I can help a client gain clarity on a decision, or introduce them to a new trend, or concept, then I think I have contributed in a meaningful way.

Another aspect of my role I really enjoy is the challenge of thinking ‘outside of the box’. In the sectors I am mainly focussed – AgTech and Agland – things are changing fast and in ways we have not seen before. I am grateful that Rabobank has supported me to visit Europe and the US Midwest in the last couple of years, to see these changes in action. These experiences have challenged my thinking, which together with ongoing analyses with my global colleagues, will help me continue to bring new insights and fresh ideas to clients.

How has COVID-19 affected the way you work?

Like many, I am working from home. Working in a global team, we are fortunate that online communication is very central to many of our core processes, which eased the transition. Webinars have become even more important when communicating with our clients. Early on, there was lots of unknowns (still are!), so we have spent a lot of time doing COVID-19 related podcasts and webinars to ensure clients have access to the information they need .

Personally, I have embraced the routine of working from home – it’s a good opportunity to experiment with different workflows and habits. I’m spending lots of time on the bike and hiking around Sydney. There are also some amazing things happening in our kitchen too – full credit needs to go to my partner though… three loaves of bread and a tray of caramel slice got the better of me last week.

Wes Lefroy bush walk

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