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General Insurance

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Farm insurance that started with a glass jar

Over 200 years ago, 39 farmers put money into a glass jar to be compensated in the event one of them had a haystack fire. This mutual approach to farm insurance remains alive and well in Achmea Australia* today. 

Achmea Australia, an associate of Rabobank, is Australia's fastest growing agricultural insurance company, and is focused on helping farmers manage and insure against risk through their All-in-One Farm Pack.

The glass jar represents their dedication to a mutual partnership built on trust and transparency.

For more information, contact your local Relationship Manager or call us on 1300 30 30 33.

Alternatively, visit the Achmea Australia website.

Achmea Australia - Farm Insurance that started with a glass jar

*Achmea Schadeverzekeringen N.V. (ABN 86 158 237 702 AFSL 433 984) (Achmea Australia) is an associate of Coöperatieve Rabobank U. A. ABN 70 003 917 655 (Rabobank). You should consider whether the relevant insurance products are appropriate for your needs (available at or by calling Achmea on 1300 724 214) before making any financial decisions. If you take out any insurance products with Achmea Australia, Rabobank Australia Limited (RBAL) will receive commission equal to 5% of the on-going premium (excluding any taxes and charges) paid by you to Achmea Australia for those products and services. Rabobank and its related entities (including RBAL) do not issue or provide any insurance products and do not in any way guarantee the products or services Achmea Australia offers. Rabobank Australia Limited is a referrer only of Achmea Australia. Any information provided by Rabobank and its related entities (including RBAL) does not constitute advice and they do not intend to influence you in any way whatsoever in making a decision in relation to any insurance products or services offered by Achmea Australia. If you choose to take out cover with Achmea Australia, any arrangements will be with Achmea Australia, not Rabobank.