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Tour Highlights

In July 2019, a group of cotton producers and Rabobank staff travelled through the US to learn from leading US cotton producers, researchers and industry experts about developments in irrigation techniques, gene technology and the latest in machinery releases.

They covered:

  • Potential efficiency gains made through gene science, emerging technology and resources management.
  • America’s leading cotton producers and their business operations.
  • Water management and irrigation techniques, use efficiencies and innovations in Nebraska.
  • The US cotton supply chain; who is buying and wearing cotton and what are they looking for from Australian cotton.
  • What the buyers, producers, market analysts and consumers think is the future of cotton.

Photos from the Tour

View the Itinerary

Tour Map & Itinerary

Rabobank’s US Cotton Tour Podcast

Fresh back from Rabobank Australia’s recent cotton tour of the US, Drew Hawkins and Charlie Clack take stock on the key takeaways from the trip – from common challenges to opportunities for progression.

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