FAQs - Managing Your Rabobank Online Savings Account
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We’re currently experiencing a higher than usual volume of calls and appreciate your patience as you wait to speak to our team. So we can best help you with your enquiry please see if we can answer your question via our FAQ’s here.

FAQs - Managing Your Rabobank Online Savings Account

How do I transfer funds into my Rabobank Online Savings account?


You can transfer funds into your High Interest Savings Account (HISA) using the 'Transfer money’ feature via both Internet and Mobile Banking if you have direct debits enabled. To enable direct debit functionality please contact our Sydney based team on 1800 445 445, Monday to Friday between 8am and 7pm.

You can also transfer funds into any of your HISA or PremiumSaver accounts via electronic funds transfer (EFT) from most Australian accounts using your Rabobank BSB and account number.

What are the daily transfer limits with Rabobank Online Savings?


All Rabobank Online Savings Accounts have a $100,000 transfer limit out to the nominated linked account. We offer temporary limit increases should your transaction exceed this $100,000 limit.

Please call our Sydney based team on 1800 445 445, Monday to Friday between 8am and 7pm to increase your daily limit.

Permanent limit increases can also be arranged should you transact frequently to your nominated linked account above your standard limit increase.

Rabobank Online Savings Transfer Limits (Individual, Joint, Business, Trust and SMSF)

 Transfers IN from Linked Account   $5,000,000
 Transfers OUT to Linked Account   $100,000
 Transfers between your Rabobank Accounts  Unlimited 

How do I know that my transfer has been successful?


You can check your transaction history, by choosing 'Transaction’ when selecting a specific account via your Rabobank Online Savings Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Transfers that have not yet occurred can be found in under ‘Transfer Money’ followed by ‘Upcoming Payments’.

Where can I get further information on the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS)?

Information on the FCS is available on the FCS website – www.fcs.gov.au.

Where can I download the Rabobank Online Savings Mobile App?


Rabobank's Online Savings Mobile Banking app for Australia is available on the Apple App store for Apple devices and Google play store for Android devices. Simply search for the latest version by typing in "Rabobank Online Savings Mobile Banking AU" and follow the download prompts.

Are Rabobank Online Savings accounts available to all types of customers?


Rabobank Online Savings products are designed and intended for use by the majority of retail customers. Unfortunately our systems and processes are not designed to enable us to offer deposit accounts to certain types of customers who may require a higher level of processing or monitoring due to regulatory requirements. Examples of customers we are unable to offer savings accounts to include (but is not limited to) wholesale depositors, professional investment entities and charities.

Can I get more than one Digipass?


No, you can only have 1 Digipass for each account you hold with us. If you have multiple accounts, e.g. personal and joint you will get multiple Digipasses, but you will only ever get one Digipass for each account.

Can I install the Rabobank Online Savings Mobile App on more than one phone or tablet?


Yes, you can download and register the Rabobank Online Savings Mobile App on up to six devices per account.

You’ll need your customer number and Digipass to register the first time, and the steps you take are the same as logging in to online banking.

Can I make an international payment transfer in or out of my Rabobank Online Savings account?


Rabobank Online Savings does not support international transfers in or out of our accounts.

Can I open my account via mail instead?


Rabobank Online Savings accounts are designed to be opened and managed online, and can only be applied via our online application process.

Can I request another activation or unlock code if my email or mobile number is out of date?


If your contact details are out of date please call us on 1800 445 445 so that we can update these details for you and arrange for a new code to be sent.

Do I need to give direct debit authority?


No, however giving us a direct debit authority on your Linked Account means you can move money from your Linked account into your Rabobank Online Savings account by giving us a 'Transfer In' instruction. If you do not provide a direct debit authority, you will only be able to transfer funds into your Rabobank account using your external account(s).

Do I still need my Digipass for online banking?


Yes, the PIN you create in the mobile app is for that mobile device only; you'll still need to use your Digipass when logging in to Rabobank Online Banking site as you normally would.

Do transfer limits apply to deposits into Rabobank via direct debit?


Yes, a limit of $5 million applies for inward transfers to your Rabobank Online Savings accounts via direct debit. In the event that you may need to transfer more than the daily transfer limit to your external linked account, you can call us on 1800 445 445 between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday AEST

What is the Financial Claims Scheme?


Rabobank Australia Limited has been declared under the FCS. The FCS aims to provide account holders with quick access to deposits that are protected under the Scheme.

Under the Scheme, the sum of certain deposits are protected up to a limit of $250,000 for each account holder at any bank, building society or credit union that is incorporated in Australia and authorised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). The FCS website –   www.fcs.gov.au – contains further information on the Scheme as well as updates for customers of Rabobank Australia Limited.

APRA is endeavouring to pay the majority of customers, or enable them to access, their protected deposits under the Scheme within seven calendar days of the declaration <i.e. by date>.

How can I change my direct debit authority status?


To provide a direct debit authority, login to your account. Under the 'My details' section, click on Linked account and check the box next to Direct Debit authority. You will need to authorise this change using your Digipass.

How can I uninstall the app from my phone or tablet?


You can manage your access to mobile banking on your device as well as through online banking.

To remove the app from your Apple device, press and hold the app icon until your apps begin to jiggle and "x's" appear in the corner of the app icon. Tap the icon to delete it from your phone. Watch our How to video.

To remove the app from your Android device, visit your device's Settings menu > Apps or Application manager (this may differ depending on your device)

1. Touch the app you'd like to uninstall.

2. Select Uninstall.

How do I change my address and contact details?


All your details can be found under the 'My details' section of your online account.

To view or change your contact or address details, select 'Address details' or 'Contact details' and enter your new details in the appropriate fields and authorise the changes using your digipass.

How do I change my Linked account?

  1. Login to your Online Savings account and follow the steps below:
  2. Select 'My details’ then ‘Linked accounts' heading.
  3. Follow the prompts on screen to provide the details of your new Linked account (including BSB and account number).
  4. Please make sure your Online Savings account and Linked account are in the same name.
  5. Authorise the new Linked account using your Digipass as instructed
  6. Any scheduled direct debits or direct credits including Regular Savings will be cancelled. You will need to set these up once you have verified your account details
  7. Now transfer money from your new Linked account into your Online Savings account. Please type 'Verify account' in the reference field of this transaction. Please keep in mind that it can take up to 2 working days from when your payment is cleared for this request to be completed.

     Please call us on 1800 445 445, from 8am to 7pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday if you require further assistance.

How do I close my Rabobank Online Savings account?


To close your Rabobank Online Savings account you will need to fill in the 'Close of Account' form and post to:

Rabobank Online Savings
GPO Box 4715
Sydney NSW 2001

or fax to: 1800 121 615

or scan and email to clientservicesAU@Rabobank.com

How do I register for Mobile Banking?


To register for mobile banking, you’ll need your Digipass and customer number. The steps you take to register are the same as logging in to online banking. 

After downloading the app:
1. Choose "Register for mobile banking" from the main menu
2. Read and acknowledge your agreement with the Terms and Conditions; if you’d like to see a full version of these conditions, they’re also available on the Rabobank website.
3. Enter your Online Savings customer number in the first field
4. Use your Digipass to generate an authorisation code (just like logging in) and enter it in the next field.

Steps to generate your Digipass code are:
1. Press the orange key to start your Digipass.
2. Enter your 5 digit Digipass PIN.
3. Your Digipass will display 'APPLI'.
4. Press 1 to generate your 6 - 8 digit code, enter this code in the box and tap 'Continue'
5. Choose and confirm a five digit PIN to use for mobile banking. When you choose your PIN, just make sure it's not 5 consecutive or repeating numbers.
This process builds the Digipass in to your app. So after you've registered, you won't need to use your Digipass with the mobile app.

How do I transfer money out of my Online Savings account?


Log in to your Rabobank Online Savings account and click on ‘Transfer and Pay’ in the left hand menu, under ‘Move money’, select the ‘From’ and ‘To’ account for your transfer.

How do I unlock my Digipass?


If you have locked your Digipass, log into the Rabobank Online Savings online banking then select ‘Unlock Digipass’ link on the log in page and complete three simple steps to reactivate your Digipass.

You will need to enter your customer number, Date of birth and then select how you would like to receive your secure code (either via email or SMS).

Clicking ‘Send PIN’ will send the unlock code via the preferred channel and will be delivered to you within 10 minutes.

The second step is to reset your personal Digipass PIN. 

To do this you will need to:

  1. Press the orange key to start your Digipass 
  2. Enter the unlock code received via email/SMS
  3. Enter your own and unique PIN, then enter this into your Digipass twice

Your Digipass PIN has now been unlocked and you can complete step three of the unlocking process. Simply follow the onscreen instructions.

How many accounts can I manage on the app at one time?


You can register one account on the Rabobank Online Savings app per device. So if you have more than one account with Rabobank (e.g.: Personal and Business account), you can either install each account on a different device, or use the "I forgot my PIN" option on the login screen to change your customer number to the account you'd like to manage.

How to change the order of your accounts


If you'd like to see your accounts in a certain order, you can update the list by choosing "Customise" from the edit menu on the account overview screen.

Once you see the list of accounts press and hold the grip icon RaboDirect mobile banking app grip icon  on the right of each account and drag the accounts to the order you'd like to use.

How to change your mobile banking PIN


You can change your mobile banking PIN at any time by choosing "Change my PIN" from the app's main menu once you're logged in.

How to log in and out of the app


Once you've registered for mobile banking, use your five-digit Mobile Banking PIN to log in and manage your savings wherever you are.

If you're having trouble entering or remembering your PIN, you have five attempts before your access is blocked.

Logging out happens automatically when:

  • You leave the app (by pressing the home button or switching to another app)
  • Your phone goes to sleep mode
  • You lock your phone screen
  • No interactions have been made after 3 minutes
  • If you accept a phone call while using the app

How to reset blocked access to mobile banking


If you've entered your PIN incorrectly five times and blocked your access to mobile banking, you can register again using your Digipass and customer number. To do this, use the "I forgot my PIN" option on the login screen and follow the steps to register (just like you did the first time).

How to reset your Mobile Banking PIN


"If you've forgotten your mobile banking PIN, you can reset your registration from the app log in screen by tapping ""I forgot my PIN"". You'll be prompted to reset your registration using your customer number and Digipass (just like when you first registered for mobile banking). "

How to use your Digipass?


"Once your Digipass is set up, simply select ‘online banking’ (from the website) and follow the instructions on the computer screen.  

Remember: Always use your personalised five-digit PIN code. (Your initial five-digit PIN code is only ever used to set up your Digipass)."

I have lost my Digipass, how do I get a new one?


To order a new Digipass, complete the Digipass replacement form and post to:

Rabobank Online Savings
GPO Box 4715
Sydney NSW 2001
or fax to 1800 121 615

or scan and email to clientservicesAU@Rabobank.com

Instead of increasing my transfer limit, can you do the transfer for me?


As we are an online bank, we do not offer manual transfers. We can increase your daily transfer limit (subject to approval), but you will need to have access to your account online with your digipass in order to complete the transfer.

Is giving RaboDirect a direct debit authority safe?


Yes, RaboDirect will only debit funds from your Linked account that have been requested by you.

Is the app secure?


Rabobank takes online banking security seriously, our mobile banking app is no exception.

To keep mobile banking convenient, the steps you take when you register for mobile banking creates a "built-in" version of your Digipass. It is unique to each device you register with so the two factor security layer you're used to having around your savings is always with you. All of your mobile banking sessions and transactions are validated and authorised using the Digipass software together with your mobile banking PIN.


I've forgotten my PIN, how do I reset it?


If you've forgotten your mobile banking PIN, you can reset your registration from the app log in screen by tapping "I forgot my PIN".

You'll be prompted to reset your registration using your customer number and Digipass (just like when you first registered for mobile banking).

Authorising transactions


All transfers and Term Deposit updates are authorised using your five-digit mobile banking PIN. You're prompted to do this at the time of making your transaction.

Mobile safety tips


You can also take steps to ensure the security of your smartphone or tablet by following these simple tips:

  • Never share your mobile banking PIN with anyone
  • Don't record your mobile banking PIN in a place that is easily accessible to others (including in your phone's contact list!)
  • Choose PINs that are difficult for people to guess. Avoid consecutive and repeating numbers or numbers that are associated with you, like your date of birth or well known "lucky numbers".
  • Set your screen to auto-lock
  • Add a password or PIN to unlock your screen
  • More tips on how to enjoy mobile banking safely

My Digipass is displaying an error message, what does it mean?

If your Digipass is displaying ‘PIN FAIL’ followed by 1, 2, 3 or 4 please enter your correct PIN to continue using your Digipass. 

If your Digipass is displaying ‘LOCK PIN’ followed by characters or numbers, please refer to the “How do I unlock my Digipass?"

My Digipass isn't working, what should I do?


If your Digipass has stopped working, don't try and replace the batteries, that will really kill it. Instead, complete the Digipass replacement form or call us on 1800 445 445 between 8am and 7pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday to have a replacement Digipass sent to you.

What if I lose my phone or tablet?


Your mobile banking access can be blocked from online banking by logging in to online banking and clicking My details > Mobile banking. This page gives you a list of devices you have installed and registered for mobile banking on.

To block access to the app; choose "forget this device" from the Actions menu next to the device you'd like to block.

You can always call us between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday (Sydney time) on 1800 445 445 and our call centre staff will happily assist you.

What if I need to get out more money than the daily transfer limit allows?


In the event that you may need to transfer more than the daily transfer limit to your external linked account, you can call us on 1800 445 445 between the hours of 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday AEST and after a quick approval process, we'll set a temporary limit increase valid till midnight the same day.

What is a digipass?


"Your Digipass is the security token to access your Rabobank Online Savings account and authorise your transactions. 

The Digipass randomly generates single-use security access codes for transaction authorisations. 

Your Welcome Pack includes detailed instructions on how to use it so please keep these as a reference guide you can refer back to."

What is a direct debit authority?


A direct debit authority allows your Rabobank account to withdraw the funds you requested directly from your Linked account.

What is my Telephone PIN and how do I change my Telephone PIN?


You would have nominated a Telephone PIN when you originally completed the online application form. This is designed for you to identify yourself if you call through to our Customer Experience Centre and speak to an agent. If you cannot remember your Telephone PIN, the agent can identify you using other information.

To set or reset your Telephone PIN, visit the 'My details' section of your online account, select 'Telephone PIN'. Your PIN needs to be a 4-digit number that is not repeating, consecutive or the same as your date of birth.

What is withholding tax?


Where customers do not provide their Tax File Number (TFN) to Rabobank, Rabobank are obliged by law to withhold an amount from any interest paid or credited to the investor to satisfy the investor's expected tax liability. Currently, the withholding tax rate is 49% for all customers who do not provide their Tax File Number (TFN).

When is withholding tax deducted?


Withholding tax is deducted from your monthly interest payments made at the end of every month.

When will I receive my Digipass and welcome pack?

Your Digipass, along with instructions on how to use it, are included in your welcome pack which will be mailed out the next business day after your account is open.

It may take up to 5 business days for your welcome pack to land in your mailbox.

You can receive your Digipass PIN either via SMS or Email by activating your Digipass here

Where can I find a statement for my savings account?


To download a statement for your savings account, log in to your Rabobank Online Savings account, click on your chosen account under 'Account balances' on the home page and choose 'View statements' from the 'My quick links' menu on the right hand side of the page.

Where can I find Interest Earnings information about my savings accounts and Term Deposits?


All your earnings are summarised in the Portfolio growth section on the home page of your account.

Where can I find the available balance on my account?


All your account balances are displayed on the 'Account’ menu when you log in to your Online Savings account.

Where can I see the current interest rate available on my account?


All the interest rates applicable on each account are displayed on the home page when you log in to your Rabobank Online Savings account. Click on 'View rates' under 'Savings accounts' for more detail.

Why do I need to provide Tax details?


It is not compulsory to quote your TFN, however if you do not provide your Tax details, Rabobank are obliged to withhold tax at the maximum rate on any interest paid or credited.

Why have I not received my Digipass activation or unlock code?


If you have requested a Digipass activation or unlock code and the email or SMS message has not arrived within ten minutes, please call us on 1800 445 445, Monday-Friday 8am-7pm email us at clientservicesAU@Rabobank.com

Why is the interest rate for my new Term Deposit different than what I set up?


The interest rate quoted for Term Deposits is honoured for 10 working days from the date of your application.

After that time, your Term Deposit will be set up at the current advertised interest rate for your chosen term.

To ensure you get the interest rate you applied for, your Rabobank High Interest Savings Account must receive cleared funds from your Linked account within 10 days of your application for us to set up your Term Deposit as requested.

Your Term Deposit will not be set up if the interest rate after 10 days is lower than the interest rate at the time you applied for your Term Deposit.

Please note that it can take up to 2 working days for electronic fund transfers to reach your Rabobank Online Savings account from your Linked account.

Will I still need my Digipass?


Yes, don’t throw the Digipass away just yet. You will need it to set up the Mobile Banking App and it’s always handy to keep for a back up. For example, if you need to access online banking via your desktop.

How is the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) limit applied?


The FCS limit of $250,000 applies to the sum of an account holder's deposits under the one banking license.

Therefore, all deposits held by an account holder with a single banking institution must be added together towards the $250,000 FCS limit, and this includes accounts with any other banking businesses that the licenced banking institution may operate under a different trading name.

Information on the FCS is available on the FCS website – www.fcs.gov.au.

Is there a transaction that you believe you did not make?


Card transaction dispute and chargeback rights

We can help you to dispute a card transaction, known as a chargeback, where we may reverse all, or part, of the amount of the disputed transaction back to a merchant’s bank in accordance with the applicable card scheme rules.

You should report a disputed card transaction to us as soon as possible so that we may reasonably ask for a chargeback where such a right exists. You may lose your ability to dispute the card transaction if you do not report it within 75 days of the transaction taking place.

When you dispute a card transaction, we will, in relation to the card transaction claim a chargeback right, where one exists, for the most appropriate reason and not accept a refusal of a chargeback by a merchant’s bank unless it is consistent with the relevant card scheme rules.

The card transaction can also include an unauthorised payment debited to the account pursuant to a recurring payment arrangement.

What is a direct debit

A direct debit is a regular payment agreement between you and the merchant. This is where you allow the merchant to automatically debit your nominated account regularly to pay for goods or services that merchant provided.

Obtain a direct debit list

We can provide you a direct debit list on your accounts, for the previous 13 months from your request. The list will include only those direct debits and recurring payments that are known to us from the information we receive about your transactions.

What we will do when you dispute or request cancellation of a direct debit

You can ask us to:

  • investigate an unauthorised direct debit; and/or
  • cancel your direct debit request.

We will act promptly to assist with your request.

When we handle your request for cancellation or a complaint, you are not required to first raise the cancellation or complaint directly with the merchant bank. However, we suggest that you also contact the merchant bank.

Before you dispute a card transaction

  • Take note of all the card transaction details: transaction date, merchant name, disputed amount, account number, account name and card number.
  • If the payment was processed through PayPal, they will have their own disputes process which should be followed.
  • When you visit a hotel or hire a car, the merchant will normally place a hold on your card as a security deposit, known as a card authorisation. An outstanding card authorisation (which is a pending transaction) will reduce your available credit, but does not affect the balance owing on the card. The available credit on your card account will be reduced by that amount for up to 10 days until the merchant releases the authorisation.

How to dispute a card transaction

If you have considered the above and wish to dispute the card transaction, please complete the following form and send it to:




02 8115 1016

Mail to:

Reply paid 4577, Rabobank
Client Services
Sydney NSW 2001

Alternatively, contact our Client Services Unit on 1800 025 484 in Australia or +61 2 8115 2240 if calling from overseas (8am-6pm, Monday to Friday, Sydney Time).

Please remember the process is not guaranteed and different card transactions have different timeframes within terms of resolution.

What happens after you have disputed a card transaction

1   Rabobank will investigate the disputed card transaction by referring the dispute to the merchant’s bank.

2  The merchant’s bank will then refer the dispute to the merchant. They will either accept the claim or further investigate under the relevant card scheme rules. At all times, Rabobank will keep you, the client, informed of the progress or outcome of the disputed card transaction.

3  If the merchant’s bank accepts the chargeback, the dollar value, in whole or in part, of a particular transaction, Rabobank will process the disputed card transaction correction.

4  If the merchant bank does not agree to make a chargeback, in whole or in part and you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may request:

4.1  the disputed card transaction be escalated to a Client Service’s manager;


4.2  make a complaint. For more information on how to make a complaint please visit our Compliments and Complaints page.

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