Inspiring rural women in grain at the WA Grower Summit
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Inspiring rural women in grain at the WA Grower Summit


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We were thrilled to be a partner of the inaugural Inspire Summit, designed to enhance farm business skills in the grains industry. The event was held in Perth on April 6 and 7, and attended by around 130 women across WA. 

Hosted by Partners in Grain (PinG) WA, the conference provided a rare opportunity for rural women across WA to network and discuss their experiences. The two-day conference showcased the crucial role women play in their businesses, communities and families, and focused on sharing advanced business skills and knowledge. 

“Women wear many hats in their farming businesses and are often integral in not only the day-to-day running of the business, but the financial management, human resources and marketing,” said Rabobank acting state manager for Western Australia Steve Kelly. 

“The Inspire Summit focused on enhancing these skills, which can not only be applied back into the business, but in community and industry initiatives.” 

The conference featured a line-up of high-calibre speakers, with sessions covering topics including the global future of agriculture, boards and governance, technology and social media, succession, farm safety, advanced business management skills and influential communication. 

Sue Stead from “West Lort”, a mixed cropping and livestock enterprise near Cascade, travelled 700 kilometres to attend the summit as she was motivated to network with like-minded women. “Working in isolation, events like these are so important,” she said, “to provide the opportunity to talk to other women who understand the diversity of what we do – from lodging the BAS to running hot meals out to the paddock during harvest.” 

Sue further added that many of the sessions, particularly around succession planning and farm business financials, highlighted the importance of implementing tools and knowledge into practice. “Sometimes you need to switch off from the farm to gain an insight into what you can do better in terms of running the business,” she said,” and you couldn’t help but leave the conference feeling inspired.”

Did you attend the Inspire Summit? And if so, did you find it as valuable as Sue? 

Do you think there needs to be more networking opportunities for women and men in agriculture?