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Global Farmers Master Class in Brazil


This year’s Rabobank Global Farmers Master Class is now well underway, with 40 leading farmers from 15 countries, including Australia, in the midst of an inspiring journey in Brazil.

For 11 action-packed days, the farmers are taking part in a state-of-the-art program with the world’s top agricultural thinkers, business experts and keynote speakers.

The Global Farmers Master Class (GFMC) provides an everlasting platform for rural entrepreneurs to become even better, to increase their strategic planning, management and farming skills and develop their innovative power to feed the word sustainably. All the participants will go home with their own Strategy-on-a Page.

About the Global Farmers Master Class

Berry Marttin: “In 2012 we embarked on a journey called the Global Farmers Master Class. A concept that gathers some of the world's leading farmers to address global food security and the challenges and opportunities that come with it.”

Rabobank has previously organised Global Farmers Master Classes in the Netherlands, in Africa, in Australia and New Zealand, as well as one Master Class exclusively for the next generation of farmers.

One of the tasks Rabobank, as a leading international food and agri bank, sets itself is to contribute to feeding the world on a more sustainable basis, by facilitating the economic success and growth of customers and the communities in which they operate. As part of this strategy, the bank strives to educate its rural clients on all the relevant strategic topics in global food & agriculture, including sustainability. The GFMC program is focused on the strategic challenges farmers face as they prepare for the next phase of their professional development – within the context of global food security.

A former participant: “This is a once in a lifetime experience to share views with like-minded people. Thank you Rabobank for having the vision and courage to facilitate this initiative.”

Next level – Brazil 2019

The Brazil edition of the Master Class differs from previous editions in its scale, diversity and ambition. The participants are visiting the food and agri hotbeds of Brazil, in all their diversity – learning how Brazil evolved from a net importing country into a major food & agri powerhouse within three decades. They are investigating what the world can expect from this beautiful, unique continent in the future and the likely impact on other regions around the world including what these changes could mean to the bank’s clients.

The participants started their journey in Sao Paulo, a region known for its diversification (including coffee, sugarcane, corn, beef, dairy and horticulture, amongst others) and will finish in the state of Mato Grosso – renowned globally for its large scale commodity farming.

GFMC take-aways

During the trip, all participants are being invited to challenge themselves and improve their own business strategy. These conversations are being guided by professionals with significant experience in the food & agri industry.

The goal is for every participant to leave Brazil with a tangible action plan to be used in discussions with their partners, family and relevant stakeholders when returning home. The inspiration and insights gained will be shared in an interactive way through various channels, both internally and externally.

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