Avocados and affirmations – Katrina Myers
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Avocados and affirmations – Katrina Myers

Category Leadership

Katrina Myers

The role of so many rural women centres firmly around managing the vast and diverse needs that surround her – at home, on the farm, in a career, within the community.

It’s a balancing act women in the bush juggle with stoicism and without complaint, despite one crucial set of needs often left wanting – their own.

Riverina Avocado producer Katrina Myers knows first-hand how damaging the illusion of ‘doing it all’ can be.

Having lost her father to suicide, and struggled with her own mental health in the past, a strong mindset and sense of wellbeing is a priority for Katrina – and despite the tight schedule of this busy mother of four, she routinely finds time in each day to dedicate to maintaining her own personal sense of calm and balance.

“So many times I’ve seen women on auto-pilot trying to do everything for everyone, but they don’t feel they can prioritise themselves – it’s an old school mentality and societal norm that is rarely challenged,” Katrina said.

Until now.

Teaming up with her dear friend Meg Durham, the two women recently launched an online course called Thrive with Meg and Katrina – aimed at arming women with the tools to go from ‘survive to thrive’.

“I see so many women in survival mode, with very few boundaries and a common tendency to quickly become overcommitted.”

“Then, on a deeper level, so many of these women are feeling lost – often they’ve moved back to the farm to marry and have children, perhaps they’ve left a great career, and many have lost their sense of self, particularly as their children grow up.”

“They’ve been in the trenches with young children, then once they’re out they think ‘hang on, who am I?’ which ignites new desires and direction.”

The course, she said, hoped to empower women with the confidence to know what they need, and how to communicate it.

“We want women to learn to love the life they have now, while creating the life of their dreams – basically don’t focus on what you don’t have, but have gratitude for what you do have today, with hopes and goals for the future.”

Personally, Katrina’s go-to for personal wellness involves 20 minutes of meditation, twice a day, daily exercise, journaling, and reading, however she encouraged women to do whatever worked for them.

“The crucial thing is to ensure your battery is always full – simple life adjustments can make a huge difference and there are five key things to focus on, rest, meaningful connections, nutrition, movement and sleep.”

“You can never underestimate the benefits of keeping your own ‘battery’ charged, it not only helps you manage time better, but it leads to far more enjoyable days, and in-turn, life.”

Katrina and Meg are mid-way through presenting their first, online group coaching course, which includes weekly Facebook Live coaching calls, and she said it’s been lovely witnessing their first class of 17 help find their sense of self.

“Meg and I really do love enrolling in courses and talking about the wellness space - so launching our course was a really natural progression - and the response has been so encouraging, we’re really proud to be helping steer women from across Australia towards a path of gratitude and self-compassion.”

And, she smiled, people love to hear from other, everyday women with four kids, working on a farm, running a business and still feeling good about life.

Katrina Myers Family

In addition to her course, Katrina also hosts a fortnightly podcast – Spreading the Good Stuff.

Together with two friends, the trio share stories of triumph, challenge, growth and change in business and in life, and offer helpful insights and advice to further empower regional and rural women to live their best life – however that may look individually.

Admitting that the past decade since she and her veterinarian husband Tim, decided to make the move home to her family farm at Barham, NSW - with a baby on the hip, and another on the way, has been filled with challenges – she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It certainly was a steep learning curve moving back to the farm – running the farm is far more complex than working on it during summer holidays!”

“Between getting our head around the accounting, payroll, marketing, website, agronomy and growing the crop – with four babies along the way and whilst trying to remain involved in the community, was chaotic,” she said. “I had to learn to say no, and think of my needs – which really piqued my interest in the wellness of rural women, and marked the start of this journey.”

And so, does Katrina - with her wealth of knowledge yet busy schedule typical of a rural woman - feel in control?

“Control, I think is an illusion – and it’s a challenge, but I do feel an overall sense of calm, contentment and am positive about life.”

“I think the best way to achieve gratitude and contentment is when you take ownership, accountability and responsibility for your life – these are, I believe, the most powerful tools for living your best life.”

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