Kate Facy Senior Rural Manager, Mount Gambier SA
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Rabobank fulfils Kate’s passion for agriculture

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Kate Facy

As a generous contributor to the local community, a recent opportunity within the Mount Gambier Rabobank branch is enabling Kate Facy to further indulge her passion for the community, and agriculture.

Recently appointed as one of Rabobank’s Mount Gambier Senior Rural Managers, this proud local said she was attracted to the role thanks to Rabobank’s dedicated agricultural foundations and community focus.

“I have always had a keen interest in the sustainability of our rural and regional communities, and how we can best promote strong local employment to ensure our regions thrive,” Kate said.

“There’s a renewed interest in the regional lifestyle and food providence, and one thing we have learnt over recent times is that with today’s technology people can work from anywhere and enjoy the benefits our regional communities have to offer.”

Committed to ensuring the vibrancy of the Limestone Coast, Kate is the Director of local community foundation Stand Like Stone, and as such, Rabobank’s community focus had long piqued her interest.

“I’ve always been impressed by Rabobank’s sense of community – its core foundations are closely aligned with my own so I was thrilled when the opportunity arose to join the team.”

Raised in Mt Gambier, Kate’s career began in rural banking, and shifted to project management whilst raising her four children.

This period also afforded Kate the opportunity to live across a number of Limestone Coast communities whilst her husband Mark pursued a career in farm management.

“I grew up on a small farm near Mount Gambier and wanted my children to enjoy those same experiences and friendships that are such an integral part of regional Australia.

She said the fact that Rabobank was a bank genuinely dedicated to the food and agri space was another drawcard.

“Australian agriculture is enjoying good seasons, commodity prices and sustainability and innovation gains, and sentiment is high,” Kate said. “But what I love about Rabobank is that it’s a bank that’s been dedicated to agriculture from the start, its core focus has been helping rural clients stay successful.”

Looking for an opportunity to contribute further to the strength of rural and regional Australia, Kate said her new role presented exciting scope to join dedicated Rabobank commodity sector groups, access expert RaboResearch market reports, provide upskilling opportunities through Rabobank’s Business Management Programs and contribute to local communities via Rabobank Client Councils.

“There are so many resources to genuinely support clients and the community with an impressive depth of knowledge here in the local branch,” she said. “We have 12 staff including seven rural managers with a long tenure, and all of whom are extremely knowledgeable across banking and agriculture.

Having held a variety of roles across the region over the years, she said her new role presented a fantastic opportunity to continue working with producers in the region.

“There are some amazing people doing incredible things in the food and agri space and I feel really privileged to have the opportunity to help support their growth and aspirations, whilst ensuring their banking experience is simple and streamlined.”

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