Nuffield Scholar Thomas Green
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Tom takes industry lead thanks to Nuffield

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Thomas Green

Conversations surrounding animal welfare issues in the livestock industry remain complex, subjective and often highly emotive, and as such require a voice of reason that is educated, engaging and highly-considered.

And thanks to a 2019 Nuffield Scholarship, Thomas Green is finding his voice as a confident and well-versed industry leader and spokesperson.

Thomas, currently the General Manager of Thomas Foods International Feedlot in South Australia, embarked on his Nuffield journey to research how consumer confidence in intensive agricultural systems could be improved through best practice in animal welfare.

His scholarship, supported by Rabobank, provided Thomas the opportunity to travelling across North and South America, the European Union and Africa, visiting and interviewing leading industry experts, universities, research institutions, individual enterprises, corporate agricultural businesses, and industry service providers, to better understand different perspectives concerning animal welfare in Australian agriculture. 


In Australia, he believes the highly complex nature of supply chains is increasing the knowledge divide between livestock producers and end consumers on animal welfare practices and outcomes, posing significant challenges for the future sustainability and profitability of Australia’s beef industry.


Greater supply chain collaborations are necessary to bridge the gap between producers and end consumers.


With strong operational experience in the beef, livestock and feedlot industry, Thomas said his choice of study was topical, and that his research could potentially lead genuine and meaningful inroads towards further industry sustainability.

However what he didn’t realise at the time was the ongoing doors and network his scholarship would open, long after his final report was submitted.

“I knew the Nuffield Scholarship would be a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience, but what I wasn’t expecting was the overwhelming opportunity that has come my way since completing my scholarship,” Thomas said. “That’s when my journey really began.” 

Fast emerging as an industry spokesperson, Thomas is increasingly being asked to speak at events and admits he never would have had the confidence to take this lead if not for the Nuffield Scholarship.

“The experiences and knowledge gained from the program without a doubt gave me the tools I needed to be part of the conversation, and in some cases, drive it.”

And it’s a responsibility to the industry he does not take lightly.

“Animal welfare is a complex topic so it’s imperative to be well-versed, but I think it’s also important for other industry stakeholders to see me speak with confidence and pride, hopefully giving others the confidence and incentive to speak up also.”

Career-wise he said the Nuffield Scholarship had been hugely beneficial – the well-recognised program respected across the whole agricultural industry.

“Thanks to Nuffield I have a really strong network and need only pick up the phone to access a fantastic knowledge-base from across Australia. I highly recommend the program particularly for early to mid-career agricultural professionals – there’s nothing like it to set your resume apart.”

As a bank dedicated to a strong and sustainable agricultural future Rabobank has long applauded the strength of the Nuffield Scholarship, and as such sponsors a scholar annually.

Thomas is one such Rabobank sponsored scholar, and he said he was extremely grateful for the support.

“I have a strong relationship with Rabobank and the opportunity and support I’ve received has been truly humbling – and invaluable in my quest to build consumer confidence through best practice in animal welfare, and how these can be best communicated to stakeholders.”

Applications to this year’s Nuffield Scholarship are now open. To apply, and potentially learn and grow with some of our industry’s brightest, see

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