Our commitment to rural events unwavering
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Our commitment to rural events unwavering

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Dubbo Ram Sale

A vision of white four-wheel-drives uniformly parked rises from the horizon, dust fills the nostrils, interrupted only by the familiar scent of the BBQ, and the rural crowd converges.

For the Australian agricultural community, there’s nothing quite as exciting as a field day or stock sale – it’s the traditional opportunity for farmers to kick some tyres and yarn about the weather.

However recent COVID-19 restrictions have highlighted just how important these events are to the rural community’s social fabric – the recent wave of cancellations and postponements prompting genuine disappointment.

Rabobank knows first-hand how crucial these opportunities are to the bush, signifying a rare chance for an industry to unite, for friends in far-flung regions to reconnect, for producers to proudly showcase their hard work and innovation.

As such, Rabobank continues its commitment to supporting rural events, in whatever form they now take.

This week we are thrilled to be sponsoring The Rabobank National Merino Ram Sale – which will now be held online via Auctions Plus on Wednesday, August 25.

President of the Dubbo National Ram Sale Association Angus Beveridge said that whilst disappointing Dubbo’s 61st ram sale couldn’t be held in its traditional format, innovations within the industry had greatly improved the accuracy for buyers purchasing sheep and rams online.

Angus Beveridge

“There’s no doubt about it, people like to physically look at and handle stock – and sheep breeders love nothing more than looking at sheep,” Mr Beveridge said. “However thanks to modern agriculture’s ability to record more and more genuine and meaningful data, the genetic quality on offer is assured even when purchasing sight-unseen.”

“Data has greatly improved a purchasers ability to make informed decisions, with the confidence that the source is reputable and that rams have a great genetic make-up that can be utilised by both stud and commercial producers,” he said.

With Rabobank having sponsored the event for over 20 years, he said the bank’s commitment spoke for itself.

“We’ve had so many corporate sponsors come and go over the years, however Rabobank’s name has remained rock solid. We’re extremely grateful for the huge support it lends our event, not to mention to the farmers and agricultural industry in the district, and beyond.”

The event, which attracts buyers from across Australia, will include 48 rams this year and with this the second year the event has now been held online, Mr Beveridge hopes that by 2022 producers from across the eastern seaboard will be converging on Dubbo in person.

“It’s been a long time between drinks for many of our annual attendees, and I don’t think we’ll ever take the opportunity to attend another rural event for granted again.”

In the meantime, congratulations to Angus and event organisers across rural Australia pivoting their planning during these very uncertain times to provide rural Australia with the closest thing to normal possible.

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