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City-bred Jason at home in the regions

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Jason Luckhurst

You can take the boy out of the city – and, in the case of Geraldton’s Jason Luckhurst, it seems you can also very easily take the city out of the boy.

Perth-raised, Jason admits he never imagined himself ever living beyond the city limits, however he has proudly called regional and rural Western Australia home since starting his Rabobank career some 18 years ago.

Initially working with Rabobank in equipment finance, based in Perth, the opportunity to take on a rural officer role in Geraldton provided him with an initial taste of regional living. A further four years as a rural manager in Merredin afforded Jason and his young family the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a genuine bush community.

“I never envisaged myself in the country, but I really liked the idea of agriculture – I came in knowing very little, but the more I learnt the more it sparked my interest and confirmed that this was the industry for me,” Jason said.

“There is always something to learn and I love talking with farmers about the seasons, their crops, the market – it’s a dynamic, complex industry and now I just couldn’t imagine working in any other sector.”

Thrilled to have provided his son and daughter the opportunity to spend their primary school years in a rural community such as Merredin, he said his advice to anyone looking to move regionally was, ‘just do it’.

“It really is a wonderful lifestyle – easy living with a strong sense of community, you’re never stuck in traffic and have good access to everything you need.” 

In 2012 Jason returned to Geraldton as a rural manager, and last year his career came full circle, appointed as an Equipment Finance Manager for Western Australia.

With a strong banking background in equipment finance prior to his Rabobank journey, Jason said the role felt like ‘home’, and that he was excited to be helping farmers reach their full potential through the acquisition of vital plant and machinery.

And while the role of machinery hadn’t changed dramatically over the past 20 years, he said the sophistication of equipment had.

“Everything has a computer in it now, the advances in the technology surrounding machinery has advanced in leaps and bounds, as has the cost, people are investing a far greater percentage of their income into machinery.”

With harvest machinery now ticking over the $1 million dollar mark, he acknowledged machinery purchases were a significant decision, and in his new role his aim is to make the process as quick and easy for clients once that decision is made.

“For so many years my role has been about building relationships, but in equipment finance a quick turn-around time is key – so the less I have to talk to a client to get a contract over the line, the better the outcome.”

While Jason laughs that he ‘loves a natter’, the role allows him to interact with a broad range of clients, staff and machinery dealers across the state, and nationally.

“This new role has re-invigorated me, and I feel grateful to have this opportunity to give equipment finance the attention it deserves through Rabobank’s new specialist model.”

Acknowledging Covid’s disruption on international supply shipments, he said there were ongoing challenges confirming delivery time-frames – which he believed made his role even more timely.

“Covid has made the acquisition of machinery a lot trickier, which is unfortunately the way of the world, but for a client to know they have a dedicated equipment finance manager handling their contract brings much piece of mind.”

“I know how important those machines are for a farm operation, and my sole purpose now is making sure those machines are financed and on-farm in the shortest possible time-frame.”

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