Scholarship supports Demi's sustainability quest
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Scholarship supports Demi's sustainability quest

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Demi Taylor

Whether you’re a farmer, banker, consultant or scientist, Demi Taylor believes the quest for global food security is a genuinely collaborative effort.

The third year Agricultural Science and Communications (Journalism) student received a $15,000 Rabo Tertiary Pathways Scholarship, helping support this bright young talent as she embarks on her passion exploring sustainable food production.

“The opportunities from this scholarship are invaluable, as being able to form industry contacts and gain hands-on experience prior to entering the workforce will enable me to develop both my personal and professional leadership skills.”

As part of her scholarship, Demi will have a Rabobank mentor – in this case regional manager Sally Bull – helping collaborate her final research assignment.

“I’m interested in pursuing a research assignment with a focus on broadacre cereal cropping, and improving the fertility and resilience of wheat cultivars and soils in drought prone areas, and herbicide mechanisms and resistance,” she said. “Having Sally, and Rabobank, support me in this assignment is a huge advantage and I’m looking forward to learning from Sally and the RaboResearch team to gain further insights into the industry, and potential career pathways.”

Demi aspires to pursue a career in which she can positively contribute to a more sustainable future, and is extremely grateful for the opportunity Rabo’s Tertiary Pathways has provided in helping map out some options she otherwise may not have considered.

“A myth that I often hear is that people think you have to be from a farming background to work within the industry, which isn’t true,” she said.

“You just have to have a genuine commitment to the environment and future sustainability, rural communities, food security, and an appreciation for the land. There are so many diverse jobs within agriculture and every single person within the industry helps to make a difference.”

“Farmers are the backbone of our country and without agriculture, there would be no food… it’s that simple, and I’m excited that I am forging a career that will help support our Australian farmers.”

Equally passionate about the rural lifestyle, Demi – who grew up in Taylorville, South Australia – said she felt fortunate that thanks to her studies she had options enabling her to have a meaningful career whilst remaining in rural and regional Australia.

“There is nothing better than living rurally and being completely surrounded by red dirt and open paddocks, a truly unique and underappreciated beauty - it’s the kind of isolation where you never feel lonely.

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