Contributing to a future of reduced emissions
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Contributing to a future of reduced emissions

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Rabo Community Fund Arianne

Passionate about the quality of produce, and people, throughout the Australian food supply chain, Arianne Riley is keen to contribute to the industry she believes has a direct impact on livelihoods and the environment.

And now a Rabo Tertiary Pathways scholarship is ensuring this bright young mind is well-placed to pursue her passion.

Rabobank’s $15,000 scholarship is currently helping support Arianne with her agribusiness degree, majoring in food science and marketing at The University of Sydney – helping her further contribute to what she describes as an ‘imperative, and adaptable’ industry.

“Agriculture plays such an important role in our lives, and the two main factors driving my passion for the industry would have to be the people and the environment,” Arianne said.

“The work being done to improve the sustainability of different industry verticals makes me excited about the future of Australian agriculture.”

The multidisciplinary nature of her studies appealed, as did the diverse corresponding career pathways possible through agriculture.

 “I feel really empowered to know that I am learning and researching in an area that has such a broad reaching impact on society and the environment.”

For her honours project Arianne will work collaboratively with Rabobank thanks to her scholarship – with the bank’s rich suite of resources available to her, as well as a Rabobank mentor, Craig Croker, Branch manager, Goulbourn/Sydney.

Arianne’s project explores strategies to reduce methane emission from beef cattle.

“My project specifically looks at feed supplements containing condensed tannins and uses state of the art breath analysis equipment to measure cattle greenhouse gas emissions,” she said.

“Cattle used in my project are also weighed to determine feed conversion efficiency and effects of supplementation on productivity gains.”

“I am very grateful to have the support and the wealth of knowledge from within the bank – from RaboResearch analysts, to Rabobank events and onsite visits – helping further support my research and opening up potential future career paths,” Arianne said.


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