Rabobank shares in Claire’s big picture
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Rabobank shares in Claire’s big picture

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Rabo Community Fund Claire

Claire Chandler is a big picture thinker who is acutely aware that success ultimately lies in the detail – and it’s the various complex components of agriculture that this keen young student finds so fascinating.

“I like to understand the way things work and agriculture is a blend of all the sciences: physics, chemistry, biology and geology,” she said.

“Agriculture covers the way these ideas interact in a practical application. It also combines economics, and how to take theoretical ideas and not only see how they work in a highly variable environment but how to adapt them for economic gain.”

And now Claire has a first-hand opportunity to see how agriculture relates to the banking world thanks to a $15,000 scholarship through the Rabo Tertiary Pathways program.

The scholarship will allow the University of New England student to further explore the agricultural field, and the career pathways available through the rural sectors, with Claire curious about a number of fields.

“I find accounting fascinating, it provides an opportunity to break down individual businesses into their component parts to understand how they function, and how different business decisions affect the organisation,” the Bathurst local said.

Studying business, she said, had a similar focus, except it covered not only how individual organisations functioned but the economy as a whole, and that there was rarely a single correct answer to a problem.

“What interests me about agriculture is that it is a field that will always be relevant, and how as the population of Australia and the world grows questions of food safety and security become more and more important to answer,” she said.

“I’m interested in the integration of science and technology in agriculture, and taking novel ideas surrounding concepts like sustainable agriculture and upscaling them to be both practical and commercially viable.”

As part of her scholarship, Claire will work collaboratively with Rabobank to complete her research assignment, and has access to a dedicated Rabobank mentor – Central West regional manager Toby Mendl.

“I’m looking to do a research assignment that explores regenerative soil practices, focusing on areas such as erosion, no till or minimum tillage systems, or soil microbiology, and to be partnering with Rabobank – and the wealth of knowledge within the business – is an enormous opportunity,” she said.

Claire will have exclusive access to the RaboResearch team of analysts, Rabobank events and farm visits and enjoy a first-hand look at what a career in rural banking entails.

“I am extremely grateful to Rabobank for the opportunity to indulge my passion and make in-roads in this very important field – and who knows where this opportunity may lead,” Claire said.

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