Pia’s pathway towards a climate solution
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Pia’s pathway towards a climate solution

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Pia Piggott

Currently studying economics and agricultural science at The University of Western Australia, Pia Piggott’s future is set firmly towards a career in agriculture.

And a recent scholarship through Rabobank’s Rabo Tertiary Pathways program is helping further define where her path may lead.

Inspired by the challenge to feed the planet sustainably, Pia is hoping her combined economic and agricultural science learnings ensure she’s well-placed to be part of the solution.   

“I enjoy the complexities of agriculture and am passionate about the role agriculture can play in providing a solution to climate change,” she said. 

Her $15,000 Rabo Tertiary Pathways scholarship will help facilitate a research assignment in conjunction with Rabobank, and Pia said she was grateful for the opportunity to tap into the immense resources of the bank.

“This scholarship will certainly put me a step ahead when completing my research assignment, and I feel very fortunate that I will have access to the RaboResearch analyst team to help support my findings, and such a high calibre mentor as Geoff Adams, branch manager in Perth, helping guide me.”

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