Scholarship highlights ag’s diversity
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Scholarship highlights ag’s diversity

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Thomas Quinn

To work in agriculture and make a meaningful contribution to the industry has always been a lifelong ambition for Thomas Quinn. An opportunity to be exposed to various agricultural operations enabled Thomas to work on a cattle station in northern Queensland after school, as well as a large cropping operation in Northern NSW – experiences that proved timely reminders that there is no set path when it comes to a career in agriculture.

Now a final year student studying at Marcus Oldham, Thomas is the recipient of a $15,000 Rabo Tertiary Pathways scholarship – which will enable him to further broaden his future career horizon.

Thanks to the Rabo Tertiary Pathways scholarship, Thomas will also have the opportunity to complete a research program in collaboration with Rabobank, with an assigned mentor – Sam Dohle, Branch Manager, Colac/ Warrnambool /Hamilton – and access to Rabobank’s wealth of knowledge sharing resources.

“This is a huge opportunity and I am very grateful to Rabobank for the scholarship and exposure to first-hand access to RaboResearch analysts, events and site visits, which I believe is a genuine Rabobank career path experience,” Thomas said.    

And it seems his course at Marcus Oldham has set some strong foundations for this passionate, young talent.

“Studying at Marcus Oldham over the past 15 months has given me the opportunity to create life lasting contacts and networks within many different pathways but most importantly agribusiness,” he said.

“The complex and differentiation between the subjects I studied has given me exposure to a cross-section of agricultural sectors that I would otherwise not have the familiarity with”.

“Being able to experience a variety of farming styles; from corporate farming, large family farms and small family farms, across a vast source of locations both nationally and internationally – coupled with my studies –  has provided an invaluable and well-rounded skills base to build on upon finishing my degree."

“Having grown up near Dubbo, NSW, I never expected to find myself on a cattle station up north. I realise there are so many aspects of the agricultural industry and I look forward to a career path in the sector that will be incredibly rewarding, both professionally and personally”.

Thomas plans to focus his research assignment on sustainable agriculture, and future opportunities to change the perception of the industry with an outward focus to inform and education the wider public.

“Environmental Social, and Governance (ESG) positioning is critical research required to identify and articulate what opportunities and potential impacts for the underdeveloped market; not only from an environmental perceptive but also from the perspective of the impacts on social and governance frameworks”.

“The research task will be able to link into many different subjects currently being studied at Marcus Oldham. These subjects include a wide range of topics such as technology, people management, managing for change, risk management and investment decisions.”

Thomas said that through Marcus Oldham’s subjects and Rabobank’s support, he was looking forward to further advancing his skills and knowledge whilst gaining experience in not only developing a complex research assignment, but also building a meaningful career pathway that will have multiple benefits.

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