Bega Valley Logo Competition
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Calling for Creatives!

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Bega Valley Logo Competition

Photo credit: Cliff Shipton

Over the past few months a lot of work has been done to develop a long term vision aimed to define a sustainable future for the Bega Valley. Businesses, community members, project partners and the Bega Valley Shire Council have come together to take the people of the Bega Valley on a journey to become the most circular region in Australia. A project aimed to achieve economic, social and environmental outcomes for everyone.

Circular Economy concepts are gaining traction all around the world. It is a holistic way to design and apply sustainable practices on the basis of resource optimisation. Completely in the spirit of circularity, it redefines how people and businesses can work together to close the loop on resource waste.

Logo Competition

As we are about to launch this program soon, the steering committee of the Bega Circular Valley Initiative wishes to call for the creative community in the Bega Valley to design a logo. This logo should symbolise circularity as well as the coming together of all community groups with a shared goal.

During our work in the community so far, we have identified that circular thinking has been an intrinsic part of indigenous cultures in Australia. This could be expressed in the logo in a powerful way by combining traditional aboriginal symbolics with contemporary design symbolising the coming together of two worlds.


Submissions close 1 September 2021 and will be judged by our jury by 15 September 2021.


The prize for the winning artist is $5,000 awarded in a Rabobank savings account. Please refer to the attached creative brief for more information.


Contact for more information.


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