Excited about the future of agriculture
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Excited about the future of agriculture

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Rabobank Moora staff


From youthful enthusiasm through to long-term experience, it’s a cheery balance in Rabobank’s Moora and Dalwallinu team – with all staff focused on the future of agriculture.

With three generations represented in the branch, Area Manager Georgina Day believes the broad range of ages injects a unique energy, and encourages different perspectives.

“We all have a very similar sense of humour, which makes the office a pleasure to work in, and the depth of experience is so valuable to staff and clients alike,” she said.

“Our senior Relationship Analyst Deb Fisher and Relationship Analyst Davina Hamilton have both been with the branch for 15 years, and our Senior Rural Manager David Wyllie has been with Rabobank for eight years, with 40 years industry experience.”

Georgina and Rural Manager Jess Humphry are familiar faces in the branch, with Rural Officer Matt Hudson and Rural Manager Lachy Zanker more recent additions to the team.

And while staff such as Davina are locally born and bred, all members of the branch proudly call the district home.

In fact Georgina and Matt are both Perth raised, and while neither envisioned a rural career, both are now ingrained in the local community.

Georgina previously worked as a lawyer before moving to the district to marry a local farmer.

“Moora is such a close knit community and I now can’t imagine living anywhere else. I feel really privileged to be contributing to our clients’ business success, in such a vital industry.”

A University of WA graduate, Matt is currently embarking on a Rabobank training and development pathway to become a Rural Manager, and has embraced his journey into agriculture.

“I love going out to farms, meeting farmers and seeing how they operate, what they need and how we can help them better their business,” Matt said.

The balance of the team all hail from rural backgrounds and live locally, with Georgina, Jess and Davina all living on-farm, and it’sthis benefit of rural insight that Georgina said was advantageous for clients.

“We experience the rain when it’s raining, and ride the poor seasons just like our clients – we’re out here investing in our clients during the good times, and the not-so-good times.”

With boots on the ground locally, the team has valuable and easy access to clients.

“If a document requires signing or if we need to look at something urgently we can jump in the car and be at a client’s kitchen table within an hour or two, and there’s no better feeling than being on-farm and helping our local farmers achieve their business goals.”

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