Grains industry experts to visit South Australia
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Grains industry experts to visit South Australia - specialist tour

Two renowned grains industry specialists are touring key cropping regions in South Australia next month, presenting to local farmers on the state of play in the grains industry.

The specialised tour features Rabo Agri Finance senior vice president Stirling Liddell who is visiting Australia from St Louis, Missouri, United States and Rabobank senior analyst grains and oilseeds analyst Graydon Chong (Sydney-based).

Mr Liddell is an agricultural economist with strong experience in the US grains and oilseeds production markets. He will be giving local South Australian growers an insight into the American agricultural industry and the relevant changes being implemented across key sectors.

Rabobank state manager for South Australia James Robinson says the tour has already sparked interest from clients and industry service providers who are keen to get a ‘feel’ for what is likely to unfold in international grains markets in 2015.

“We are thrilled to have direct access to this expertise, giving clients the opportunity to engage and ask questions regarding significant grain market dynamics – we’re approaching planting season so it’s important that farmers can apply these insights to their own circumstances here,” Mr Robinson says.

The grains specialists will visit cropping regions in South Australia such as Minlaton, Wallaroo, Clare, Kimba, Cleve and Tumby Bay, presenting to farmers in the areas during March 10-13, 2015.

A senior member of Rabobank’s Oceania Food and Agribusiness Research & Advisory team, Mr Chong will discuss the ‘structural shift’ taking place across grains infrastructure .

“We are going from a monopolistic supply chain structure in most regions towards multiple grain export supply chains competing side by side,” Mr Chong says.

“This will impact all industry stakeholders, from farmers and grain marketers through to supply chain operators and export customers.”

New grain port infrastructure on the eastern seaboard and in Western Australia is anticipated to change how market participants interact with each other and signals a move towards exclusive supply chains and long-term service agreements, Mr Chong says.

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