Rabobank Mildura appoints new head
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Rabobank Mildura appoints new head

April 17, 2015
Rabobank is pleased to announce Wayne Saunders appointed as branch manager Mildura in March, joining rural manager Kylie Meehan.

Mr Saunders joins Rabobank with thirty years of agricultural banking experience, having spent many of those years servicing the Sunraysia region.

Rabobank regional manager for northern Victoria Hamish McAlpin says he is pleased to have someone of Mr Saunders’ calibre join Rabobank to help support the needs of the bank’s clients in the region.

“We welcome Wayne to our business – we are delighted to see someone of Wayne’s calibre join Rabobank to contribute to the growth of our Mildura branch,” Mr McAlpin says.

“Having a career in rural and agribusiness banking spanning more than three decades, we know Wayne will bring a great deal of depth and experience across a range of the commodity mix around Mildura and wider Victoria.”

Rabobank rural manager Kylie Meehan joined the bank in 2013 and makes up the other half of the team in Mildura, bringing strong agribusiness banking knowledge with local farming and commercial clients in the area.

Rabobank officially opened its doors to the Sunraysia community in early 2013, with its purpose-built, stand-alone branch located at 135 Lime Street, Mildura.

Mr Saunders, having spent a total of a decade in the region in two separate periods, is familiar with the Sunraysia industries, seasons and people and says he feels a strong connection with the local community.

“From Mildura we are able to service a large and diverse area of northern Victoria with a bit of cross-over into New South Wales and South Australia in key sectors such as horticulture, dryland cropping and grazing,” Mr Saunders said.

“There are some excellent operators in the local area and I am looking forward to supporting them in their business ambitions. In agri-banking, so much of the business is done around the kitchen table – there is a genuine relationship there and you really become close with your clients, spending time on-farm with them and their families.”

Mr Saunders has also spent time in the Western Districts and Echuca regions throughout his banking career. His family were originally dairy farmers from Camperdown which gives Mr Saunders a strong affinity for rural industries, given his family background.

“It’s also refreshing to become a part of a cooperative banking model – as Rabobank has no shareholders, the priority and focus is on the clients,” Mr Saunders said.

“It’s a genuine and pure focus on a core business – food and agribusiness.”

It was once a newcomer to Australian agriculture circles, but today – more than 20 years later, Rabobank has become one of the country’s largest rural lenders and a significant provider of financial services to the food and agribusiness sector.

With 61 branches across Australia, 14 strategically situated throughout Victoria, Rabobank is the world’s leading food and agribusiness bank.

Rabobank first came to Australia in 1990, four years later acquiring the Primary Industry Bank of Australia (PIBA). From this platform, the bank has continued to expand and develop.

Rabobank Australia & New Zealand is a part of the international Rabobank Group, the world's leading specialist in food and agribusiness banking. Rabobank has more than 115 years' experience providing customised banking and finance solutions to businesses involved in all aspects of food and agribusiness. Rabobank is structured as a cooperative and operates in 41 countries, servicing the needs of approximately 10 million clients worldwide through a network of more than 1600 offices and branches. Rabobank Australia & New Zealand is one of Australasia's leading rural lenders and a significant provider of business and corporate banking and financial services to the region's food and agribusiness sector. The bank has 94 branches throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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