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Articles relevant to you, your farm business and farming community

From the latest commodity market and sector outlooks, to practical case studies, industry success stories and rural grass-root initiatives. 

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Financial Health Barometer Food Waste Infographic 2019

Aussies are wasting more food than ever! $10.1 billion annually.
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Financial Health Barometer Food Waste Infographic 2018

Aussies are still wasting food - $8.9 billion annually.
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Want to Save up to $1050

Simple tips to save on food waste

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Financial Health Barometer Food & Farming Report

Before changes comes awareness, which is why RaboDirect conducts the annual Financial Health Barometer Food & Farming Report looking at Australians' food and waste habits, and knowledge about farming.

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Feel Good AR app

The Rabobank Online Savings (RaboDirect) Feel Good AR app brings Australian, New Zealand and Euro bank notes to life with an Augmented Reality story that plays out on the table right in front of you. Discover how things grow in this fun AR experience.

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If every household reduced weekly waste by just one third, over $3 billion would be saved collectively per year.

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Why you need a financial planner for retirement

It’s never too early to start planning what your retirement could look like. Here are some tips on how a financial planner can help.
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Industry Panel | On Aussies and Super

Ahead of the changes to the super on 1 July 2017, we invited a panel of industry experts to discuss findings from the recent Financial Health Barometer Super and Retirement Report and also the impact the incoming changes will have on everyday Aussies.

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financial health barometer super retirement infographic

Find out the good, and the not-so-good about Aussies and super, and the differences in super expectations across gender and generations. View the 2017 RaboDirect Financial Health Barometer Super and Retirement Infographic for all the facts and figures.

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