Billionaire idols - Iron Man and other financial superheroes
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Billionaire idols - Iron Man and other financial superheroes

Billionaire idols - Iron Man and other financial superheroes

Our favourite comic book superheroes are sometimes the rich ones. But rich and smart is even better. Guest writer Peter Wood, talks about savings and entrepreneurial insights to be gained from fictional superheroes.

We’re now in the grips of Iron Man 3 fever and Tony Stark, owner of Stark Industries, could be our wealthiest comic-turned-movie infatuation yet. Better known as Iron Man himself, Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) perhaps holds the financial answers we all seek considering he never seems to struggle making ends meet.

In fact, our comic heroes are rarely seen defaulting on paying bills. What can we learn from those doing it so well financially, like Iron Man and Batman? Change the way you approach money.

Stark inherited a multimillion-dollar weapons business. So what does he do? He announces early on that his company will no longer manufacture weapons. Don’t be afraid to reinvent your current financial path.

Get financially organised

Take cues from another millionaire comic hero, Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. His product development is unrivalled when it comes to new gadgets. Imagine the attention to detail that goes into his ordering, costing and counting. Automate your banking and savings accounts the same way to know exactly where you are spending.

Add creativity to your banking

Tony Stark is the developer of some of the most brilliant technologies on Earth and wouldn’t settle for outmoded finances. Be committed to your savings plan but demand the most from business models, high interest savings accounts, term deposits and other solutions to help raise capital for your ideas.

Be persistent with earning or saving

Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor, funded his own campaign for the US presidency and built giant robots from the billions he had coming in through LexCorp. However, he never loses sight of investing as much money as he can into research and cover-ups surrounding his main goal ”“ the plot to kill Superman. You have to acknowledge his perseverance, however misguided it may seem.

Be prepared for failure

When Forbes magazine interviews those on its rich list, one common ingredient is often linked to many respondents’ success: failure. As head of one of the most powerful corporations on Earth, Iron Man Tony Stark has lost control of his corporation in the past. He even once lost two years’ worth of memories and still kept his empire.

There are boundless riches enticing you to become immersed in the lives of the wealthiest comic book heroes. If their fictional habits could influence your real-life savings, the characters become even more interesting.

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