State vs. state: Who are the real winners?
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State vs. state: Who are the real winners?

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Football Goals

Will it come down to the forwards? Is the backline more important? What about those injuries hindering New South Wales? How will Queensland win with an unchanged lineup? Come on, ask the obvious questions! Who wants it more? And who’s in the right headspace to get there?

The real state vs. state statistics

Happiness and a positive mentality brings our ‘A’ game in everything, from our job to our finances – so it goes without saying that this will influence performance on the field. In last year’s National Savings and Debt Barometer, RaboDirect actually discovered that NSW and Queensland residents’ happiness levels were dead even.

The survey showed an equal 47 per cent of both NSW and Queensland folk were completely happy in life. So, if game conditions were only affected by happiness, the NSW versus Queensland game would end in a tie.

I can’t take any more tiebreaker suspense, so let’s delve deeper. Where do Queensland and NSW start to differ?

Happy homes

At the risk of hurting the NSW cheer squad’s feelings, it seems that Queenslanders have more to shout about. They have far more pride in their roost, with 71.2 per cent of Queensland residents being proud to tell people where they live compared to 65.9 per cent in NSW. Based on that, the Origin trophy is going home to the sunshine state.

Healthy bodies

All this talk brings us to the next all-important matter of pride – our bodies. So let’s now consider who would win in terms of general health. In contrast to sports reporters, it’s NSW bodies that tend to be in better condition than the Maroon-clad muscles up north. NSW folk are more than 2 per cent ahead when it comes to proclaiming they are in excellent health (48.5 per cent to 46.4 per cent).

It’s all about the money

What about finances? Being confident and content with your finances results in greater motivation for what you do. With this in mind, NSW residents are more confident with their money (50 per cent to 47.7 per cent) and more comfortable when it comes to finances (40.9 per cent to 34.9 per cent).

If you had to trust a club to be spending in the right places for a win, the money is on NSW. But the problem, however, is that for all our differences in happiness, pride, financial position and health, we’re showing to be pretty evenly matched.

An outsider emerges

Imagine if either team had to face our friends over in Western Australia. You might be surprised to learn that they would smash both NSW and Queensland by almost 10 per cent on the happiness scale (55.6 per cent). And the increased happiness seems directly related to their lifestyle habits. Where NSW and Queensland flounder about almost in unison, WA outshines on all accounts.

WA residents are also more confident with their finances than those in NSW and Queensland, and they are more likely to live within their means and have a long-term financial plan. For these efforts, they also seem to be getting healthier. 41.6 per cent of WA residents say they are healthier now than they were two years ago, compared to 38.4 per cent in NSW and 37.8 per cent in Queensland.

The final showdown

It’s just lucky (as the Maroons recently learned) that sometimes these matches come down to pure chance. If you had to measure the strongest ‘team’ in terms of strength through happiness, wellbeing, pride and solid club finances, both NSW and Queensland could learn a thing or two from WA.

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