Top three must-have financial apps
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Top three must-have financial apps


Best financial management apps

Financial advisers will tell you that the number one rule to effectively manage your personal finances is accounting for every dollar spent and earned. So what better way to keep track of your accounts than on your phone, the one piece of tech most people are never without? Here are financial apps that will make managing your money a little easier:

Income Tax Calculator (Aussie & NZ)

Developer: Advanced Draw Tech

Price: $1.99

Available: iPhone, iPad

Tax time is upon us and it’s time to haul out the receipts, bank statements and payslips and pray we get a nice refund once the ordeal is over. Fortunately, there are quite a few Aussie-centric tax apps on the market to help ease the pain. The Income Tax Calculator is one of the most up-to-date apps on the market for this purpose. Its genius lies in its simplicity. Tax is complicated enough and this app allows you to get a pretty good indication on what you’ll be paying the taxman in 2012.

The app covers the basics: calculating income, Medicare levy surcharge, HECS/HELP and so forth, but it also spits out an instant income report that can be set to a weekly, fortnightly, monthly and yearly basis.

The app has current financial year tax rates for both Australia and New Zealand, and for prior tax years dating back to 2007. While now is the perfect time to download this app, it’s also a useful tool to keep handy all year round.

Recommended for Android users: Australian Tax Calculator by Acore.


Developer: return7

Price: $1.99

Available: iPhone, iPad

The company that brought you BillMinder is back with its debt payoff tracker and snowball calculator. Staying ahead of the debt game can be a lifelong struggle for many people, and having an app on your phone as a reminder of when payments are due is a great solution. DebtMinder has all the features you’d expect on a nice, clean user interface.

If all you have is a budget app, then having a debt-centric app should rel="noopener noreferrer" be your next download. DebtMinder allows you to create payoff plans based on either higher or lower interest repayment schemes using an easy-to-follow debt snowball method. You can easily track your repayment progress, keeping a record of how you’re doing month by month.

Recommended for Android users: Debt Payoff Planner by Adonis Apps.


Developer: Pageonce

Price: Free

Available: Android, iPhone, iPad

Pageonce is one of the best known budgeting apps on the market and has won dozens of awards ”“ with good reason. The app allows you to track and manage your account balances, credit cards and investments. It also has one of the best user interfaces seen on any app.

It may be a tad trite to say, but Pageonce makes budgeting fun. You’ll get a thrill when you start to track your spending habits and clearly see how budgeting can begin to affect your everyday life.

Apps continue to make daily life simpler. With these useful tools at your fingertips, you can rest assured knowing that tax time, debt planning and budgeting are just that little bit easier to manage.

About the author: Justin Lim is a former journalist with financial trade publication, Money Management. He is currently freelancing, writing in a number of fields ranging from business to entertainment and regularly features on Yahoo Moneyhound and Servcorp.

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