Financial Health Barometer 2016 - Food and Farming Report
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$10 billion scraped off Aussie plates into the garbage every year

RaboDirect Financial Health Barometer 2016 Report

This year, RaboDirect’s 2016 Financial Health Barometer surveyed 2,300 financial decision makers, aged 16 – 65, measuring attitudes towards food and waste, savings and debt, weekly grocery spend, as well as how much Aussies know about the journey of their food from farm to plate.

From these results, the RaboDirect Food & Farming Financial Health Barometer report sheds new light on a strong link between financial happiness and food wastage. Australians who feel informed about the value of food production and take steps to reduce wastage feel considerably less financially stressed than those who don’t, and they can also save extra dollars each week.

Every year, Australians scrape $10 billion off their plates into the garbage. We’re not only wasting food but the resources that went into producing that food and the hard earned dollars used to pay for the goods. That’s the bad news. The good news? Through some easy steps and small changes, Aussies can minimise waste, and start saving more money.

"By 2050, the way we produce food globally will no longer be sustainable."

Australia’s food production uses scarce resources such as water and fertile land and, while it’s hard to imagine a time when staple groceries are no longer readily available, studies show that by 2050, the way we produce food globally will no longer be sustainable*.

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