2021 Financial Health Barometer Food & Farming infographic
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2021 Financial Health Barometer Food & Farming infographic

Category Financial Health Barometer Food Waste

This year’s findings reveal that our national food waste bill now tops $10.3 billion, or enough to feed 1.1 million households (or every household in Brisbane) for an entire year.

The average Aussie household wastes 11% of the food they buy, which is $1,038 per year in the bin – or just under six average weekly trips to the supermarket each year.

The report also found that the average grocery bill is up $20 per week, meaning we now spend a total of $178 every week on food.

While veggies, fruit, bread and pastries are the most likely foods to end up in the bin, 2 in 3 people said home cooked meals were more likely to be ditched than takeaway or delivery foods.

Food Waste
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