Tips to reduce your food waste
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Tips to reduce your food waste

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Adopting good food habits can have big savings for you (and the planet!)

Almost all of us (96%) have some concerns regarding food waste. And most Aussies (81%) are annoyed at themselves and feel guilty when they waste food.*

So here are some ways you can not only reduce your food waste but save some money too.

Food Waste

Reducing your food waste can be simple

Want some easy ways you can reduce your food waste at home? Check out these handy videos for some inspiration.

More food waste hacks from Courtney Roulston

We’ve teamed up with chef and TV Host, Courtney Roulston who has given us some of her best food waste hacks. Courtney tells us “It’s heart-breaking to think that we buy produce, only to take it home, and then 3-4 days later, it goes bad, and we chuck it in the bin. There’s so many factors involved in getting that produce to your house - so much hard work from the farmers, so much water, and all of the trucks and shipping involved in getting your food from farm to fork!”

Keep an eye on this space as Courtney will be sharing more tips with us here…

Food Waste Tips


  • The stalks of beetroots are delicious, even the stems cooked down in some garlic and chilli can be served as a warm salad with lemon zest and feta crumbled over the top.
  • Once vegetables start to turn a bit limp, you can actually revive them (like Dutch carrots!) by putting them in a bowl of iced water in the fridge, and they will actually turn crunchy again.

Food Waste Tips


  • For herbs like parsley, you can snip off some of the bottom of the stems, put them in a glass of water in the fridge and that will revive them.
  • Herbs are best stored with just a piece of paper towel in the bottom of a container in the fridge because the enemy of herbs is moisture - once they start being moist, they begin to go black.

Food Waste Tips


  • My top tip would be for people to learn how to properly store their groceries once they get home. Try to store fruit like for like and keep different types of fruit separate.
  • When fruit is going bad, you can turn it into jam, which is an old classic. When you have apricots, berries or strawberries going off, you can boil those up, with apple cores. A lot of people put pectin in jam, but many people don’t know there’s naturally occurring pectin in the cores of apples.

Food Waste Tips

Bread & Pastries

  • A lot of people tend to forget that bread freezes really well. My tip is to slice your bread, and then you can just wrap it and freeze it in portions of 2-4 slices, that are easy to get out of the freezer.
  • You can also make your own home made breadcrumbs. Blitz stale bread in the food processor and then dry it out in a really low oven, around 110 degrees. Then you’ve got breadcrumbs to put into meatballs, or to make crumbed fish, chicken, or eggplant. Dried breadcrumbs also store in the pantry well.

* The 2021 Rabobank Food and Farming Report surveys over 2,300 financial decision-makers aged between 18 and 65 to poll attitudes and behaviours towards saving, debt, farming, food production and food waste.

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