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Client Councils

Client Council initiatives


Teacher Farm Experience Program

The Teacher Farm Experience Program is a two day on farm and classroom program which provides Teachers with resources aligned to the applicable curriculum to use in STEM, food and fibre, and digital technology teaching programs.

All teachers, regardless of what stage they are in their career, will benefit from attending this event and increase their professional knowledge, practice and engagement skills. Places are limited, apply below.


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Financial Skills Workshops

Financial Skills Workshops

A complimentary interactive financial skills workshop involving practice hands on skills in understanding financial statements, financial analysis and banking requirements.

The Financial Skills Workshop was born in support of the long-term capacity of the food and agriculture industries.


Financial Skills Workshops

From Paddock to Plate

From Paddock to Plate is a national school program of 300+ unique, thought-provoking and engaging Virtual Video Excursions and ready-to-use Australian Curriculum-aligned lesson plans for multi-subjects and year levels.

RaboClientCouncil is proud supporter of From Paddock to Plate program which supports the long-term agricultural industry capacity and bridging the rural / urban divide. Register now for a 30-Day Trial Subscription of the From Paddock to Plate program.


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Client Council themes

As part of being active participants in the local communities, the Rabobank Client Councils network was formed to listen, learn and adapt our strategies and investments based on our clients feedback. Together with key clients taking an active part, we work on common goals, sharing information, experience and knowledge.

We provide support in the form of manpower, knowledge, networks, facilities and financial services to help achieve this objective. As identified by our clients, our initiatives are centred around the following themes:

Long-term industry capacity

Attracting and retaining new people has always been an ongoing challenge for agriculture. We aim to create better awareness of the various career opportunities and exciting pathways available to the industry.

We also support young farmers with a range of workshops and mentoring initiatives.


Environmental compliance, water availability, land degradation and waste management are all important factors to keeping farms sustainable. Our goal is to identify the main issues and how we can support our clients.

Also as part of the network, we provide a platform for our clients to share best practices.

Rural / Urban divide

There is little knowledge in urban areas about food & fibre production.

We aim to increase awareness of modern farming practices and food production with urban audiences by organising and supporting initiatives that bridge the rural / urban divide.

Rural health

Isolation and difficulty accessing health services are some of the challenges faced by rural / remote communities.

Together with our clients, we aim to increase awareness of the importance of farmers’ well-being.

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Client Councils' location

There are currently 7 Client Councils in Australia.

Client Council initiative highlights

Farm Experience (FX) Program

Long-term industry capacity is a main concern for the farming community. The average age of farmers is rapidly increasing and there are not enough new-comers to the industry. 

The Rabobank FX Program was developed in cooperation with Client Councils to promote agriculture as an exciting career choice. High school students spend a week on farm to experience first-hand what farming is about. The participants also have the opportunity to visit a range of agribusinesses and learn about the various agricultural career options available in rural areas.

farmexperience program school kids on farm

Supporting women in agribusiness

Rabobank is working together with 10thousandgirl, a not-for-profit organisation to deliver a series of workshops designed to improve the financial literacy of women living in regional and remote areas across Australia.

Drawing on expertise of our local staff in finance, insurance and succession planning, the workshops aim to strengthen the outlook for women across the country and build their financial acumen.

Wagga Wagga workshop in partnership with 10thousandgirl

Seed, Grow & Show Program

The Seed, Grow & Show Program is an initiative of the Rabobank Ayr Client Council to address the long-term industry capacity challenge and to promote agricultural education. The aim of the program, which brings young high school students and agriculture together is gaining momentum in the Burdekin region.

It was delivered successfully in 2015 and 2016 with two local high schools involved. Over 130 Year-7 students participated in the program, learning about the process of planting, growing and harvesting crops.

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Seed, Grow and Show Program
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