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Card transaction dispute and chargeback rights

We can help you to dispute a card transaction, known as a chargeback, where we may reverse all, or part, of the amount of the disputed transaction back to a merchant’s bank in accordance with the applicable card scheme rules.

You should report a disputed card transaction to us as soon as possible so that we may reasonably ask for a chargeback where such a right exists. You may lose your ability to dispute the card transaction if you do not report it within 75 days of the transaction taking place.

When you dispute a card transaction, we will, in relation to the card transaction claim a chargeback right, where one exists, for the most appropriate reason and not accept a refusal of a chargeback by a merchant’s bank unless it is consistent with the relevant card scheme rules.

The card transaction can also include an unauthorised payment debited to the account pursuant to a recurring payment arrangement.

What is a direct debit

A direct debit is a regular payment agreement between you and the merchant. This is where you allow the merchant to automatically debit your nominated account regularly to pay for goods or services that merchant provided.

Obtain a direct debit list

We can provide you a direct debit list on your accounts, for the previous 13 months from your request. The list will include only those direct debits and recurring payments that are known to us from the information we receive about your transactions.

What we will do when you dispute or request cancellation of a direct debit

You can ask us to:

  • Investigate an unauthorised direct debit; and/or
  • Cancel your direct debit request.

We will act promptly to assist with your request.

When we handle your request for cancellation or a complaint, you are not required to first raise the cancellation or complaint directly with the merchant bank. However, we suggest that you also contact the merchant bank.

Before you dispute a card transaction

  • Take note of all the card transaction details: transaction date, merchant name, disputed amount, account number, account name and card number.
  • If the payment was processed through PayPal, they will have their own disputes process which should be followed.
  • When you visit a hotel or hire a car, the merchant will normally place a hold on your card as a security deposit, known as a card authorisation. An outstanding card authorisation (which is a pending transaction) will reduce your available credit, but does not affect the balance owing on the card. The available credit on your card account will be reduced by that amount for up to 10 days until the merchant releases the authorisation.

How to dispute a card transaction

If you have considered the above and wish to dispute the card transaction, please complete the following form and send it to:




02 8115 1016

Mail to:

Reply paid 4577, Rabobank
Client Services
Sydney NSW 2001

Alternatively, contact our Client Services Unit on 1800 025 484 in Australia or +61 2 8115 2240 if calling from overseas (6am-8pm, Monday to Friday, Sydney Time).

Please remember the process is not guaranteed and different card transactions have different timeframes within terms of resolution.

What happens after you have disputed a card transaction

  1. Rabobank will investigate the disputed card transaction by referring the dispute to the merchant’s bank.
  2. The merchant’s bank will then refer the dispute to the merchant. They will either accept the claim or further investigate under the relevant card scheme rules. At all times, Rabobank will keep you, the client, informed of the progress or outcome of the disputed card transaction.
  3. If the merchant’s bank accepts the chargeback, the dollar value, in whole or in part, of a particular transaction, Rabobank will process the disputed card transaction correction.
  4. If the merchant bank does not agree to make a chargeback, in whole or in part and you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may request:

    4.1 the disputed card transaction be escalated to a Client Service’s manager;


    4.2 make a complaint. For more information on how to make a complaint please visit our Compliments and Complaints page.