Our People - Meet Murray Wallace

Murray Wallace

Senior Rural Manager, Albury NSW


  • Believes Rabobank has a greater concentration of people who care about agriculture
  • Enjoys working with family farming businesses
  • Assists clients with their decision making and planning


What is your role here at Rabobank?

Officially, my title is Rural Manager with the Albury branch, which means my role is to manage and maintain relationships with clients, prospective clients and service providers for the bank. However, there are so many facets to what is involved with what a relationship is, that the role involves being a challenger, a leader, a listener, a service provider and so much more.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

The people I deal with, both inside and outside the bank, and helping clients grow their businesses. At a branch level our clients are primarily families, and I enjoy working through the complexities of family farming businesses; whilst these personal interactions can sometimes be challenging they are also very rewarding.


How do you help our clients?

By backing up the bank’s product; that is, by having the challenging conversations, being able to discuss their position in language they understand, and by being able to work through scenarios with them to assist with their decision making and planning.


What makes Rabobank different for you?

There are good people employed in every bank, however I feel we have a greater concentration of people who care deeply about agriculture and are dedicated to doing the right thing by their clients, rather than simply meeting their business targets.