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Our People - Ryan Meldrum

Ryan Meldrum

Branch Manager, Esperance, WA


  • Nothing feels better than knowing I have contributed to the success of my clients
  • I really enjoy the team environment and culture at Rabobank
  • My involvement in the local community enriches my personal life


What is your role at Rabobank?

My wife and I moved to Esperance at the beginning of 2016 from Merredin where I initially joined Rabobank as a Rural Officer in 2007. As branch manager I lead a team of passionate agri bankers all striving to deliver their best to clients to help them understand and achieve all their aspirations. The role also includes the day-to-day oversight of the Esperance branch including budget, human resources and various administration type tasks.


How do you help our clients?

I typically help clients through various financial solutions from working capital, equipment finance and risk management products. The role however is deeper than products, I support clients through some of their toughest times including seasonal impacts but also through succession which may include expanding their operations or retiring the older generation on the farm. It is through nurtured relationships that this is enabled; understanding the nuances of each commodity sector the client is involved in and understanding how the family operates and communicates is critical to being able to perform as their bank manager. I am also connected to the local community through sporting clubs/committees and the local grower groups. This genuine involvement not only enriches my personal life, it is also critical in fulfilling our obligations under the Rabobank strategy notwithstanding it also meets our clients expectations in terms of contributing to the vibrancy of the local communities we live in.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

I most enjoy being able to strategically work with my clients to help them to successfully navigate through the challenges they face in their business lives. Managing risk and making good, well timed decisions is critical for success, and nothing feels better than knowing I have been able to contribute to the success of my clients. I also really enjoy the team environment and culture at Rabobank. There hasn’t been a moment in the last 13 years when I haven’t been proud to work for Rabobank, proud to be part of a high performing team of passionate people who are committed to ensuring we continue delivering superior service to our clients. For me, it’s all about the people.


How has COVID-19 affected the way you work?

Working from home initially was intimidating. My wife and I have two young girls and the thought of trying to maintain efficiency and output whilst working from home was honestly a terrifying thought. Fast forward three months, and I’m actually really enjoying it. The added flexibility to my day has been welcomed by not only myself but also my family. Interacting briefly half a dozen times day is much more satisfying for all and I wasn’t able to enjoy this prior to COVID-19.

Another personal benefit was that I have really enjoyed the weekends at home (during lockdown). We have completed alot of projects together as a family which has been lovely. From a work perspective; I really miss the lunch room and photocopier chats. Little cliché I know but it’s not until you are all working remotely that you realise how important these little interactions are to team culture and also efficiencies. I have appreciated the speed in which processes and procedures have been altered/changed to cope with the isolation and I’m looking forward to embedding many of these efficiencies into the business permanently. I am most definitely enjoying being able to interact with staff and clients across the kitchen table again, clients and staff have both missed this important relationship based element over the past three months. Technology is fantastic to support the business, but it’s obvious the face to face interactions is critical to maintaining strong relationships.