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Code of Banking Practice

We are committed to working towards improving the standards of practice and service within the banking industry. As part of this commitment, Rabobank Australia Limited is a signatory of the revised Code of Banking Practice (the ‘Code’). This voluntary code of conduct governs the behaviour of banks, encouraging fair and ethical behaviour, with the goal to protect individual and small business customers.

The Code contains a number of undertakings by banks, including:

  • Providing effective disclosure of information regarding our products 
  • Having available documentation which better explains your rights regarding banking services 
  • Ensuring effective staff training and competency 
  • Having in place appropriate dispute resolution processes 

Printed copies of the Code are available at all Rabobank branches, or you can access the Code online by clicking here

If you have any questions regarding the Code, please contact the Client Services Unit on 1800 025 484 between 8am – 6pm Sydney time. You can find further general, descriptive information about us here.

The Code requires that Rabobank Australia Limited publishes guidelines setting out the manner in which it will:

  • deal with applications for transfers of mortgage and consents to transfer of title pursuant to a Family Court determination or approval; and 
  • otherwise enforce debts affected by a family law property settlement. 

You can download a copy of the Guidelines for Parties Involved in Family Law Property proceedings by clicking here or visit our branches or contact our Client Services Unit on 1800 025 484 between 8am – 6pm Sydney time to have a copy sent to you.