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Meet the Merredin Team

Our friendly Merredin team has extensive experience in both finance and farming, and is passionate about the growth of agriculture in the region.

We've been proudly supporting the region since 2003, and our team enjoys nothing more than visiting clients on-farm to help support their business goals.

Merredin Branch

Grow with us

Servicing the Merredin, Perth, Avon Valley and greater Wheatbelt we support clients across a rich agricultural area covering commodities from broadacre cropping and livestock production, to viticulture, horticulture, poultry and rock lobster.

We can help you plan for the season ahead, expand your farming business or improve your existing property. Just give us a call.

Tracey McFarlane, Area Manager: 0423 820 687
Merredin branch(08) 9041 6400

Merredin Branch team

Quartermaine Family, Dowerin

For many grain producers in Western Australia 2017 had a tough start to the grain growing season, with next to no rain appearing until July and frosts that came late in the season.

Quartermaine Family, Dowerin

A dynamic team partnering with local farmers

Strong rural backgrounds, and a true love of agriculture drives culture that’s committed to farmers in Rabobank’s Perth and Merredin

A dynamic team partnering with local farmers

RaboResearch Agribusiness Monthly

RaboResearch, our local food and agribusiness research and insights team, provide a monthly snapshot of the food and agribusiness sectors.

RaboResearch Agribusiness Monthly