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Personal Savings High Interest Savings Account

Our Savings Calculator

Select the features that you need and see how our range of products work together

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How do our rates stack up

Savings Planner Calculator

See how fast you can save with regular deposits, competitive interest rates and zero bank fees.

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What's my rate?

Budget Planner Calculator

Saving to see how much you need to deposit regularly to reach your target.

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Personal Savings Term Deposit

Term Deposit Calculator

See how your savings can grow with competitive interest rates and zero bank fees.

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Rabobank Online Savings Calculator

See how your savings can grow.

A great way to see how you can maximise your savings is to use our savings calculator. Select the features that you're after and see how our range of personal savings products work together to get your money working harder for you. You can see your savings over time and you can set a savings target.

1 Select the features most important to your savings


2 Enter the amount that you'd like to add to each account

3 See how your savings grow over time

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