Just a heads up, our Internet and Mobile Banking will be offline for scheduled maintenance between 10:00 pm on Saturday, 25th of May to 8:00 am on Sunday, 26th of May 2024.
We apologise for any inconvenience. If you’d like to speak to us, we’re available Monday to Friday 6:00 am to 8:00 pm (AEST) on 1800 445 445.

Please note from 15 March 2024 any Australian Variable Rate changes to the All in One - Regulated Loan Standard Line of Credit will be made available on our website and in The Australian newspaper and any changes to the credit fees and charges to the All in One - Regulated Loan Standard Line of Credit will be communicated to you in writing and made available on our website click here for more information.

Rabobank warns of an increased risk of scam and fraudulent activity including fictitious emails regarding fake Rabobank Term Deposits. Protect yourself online https://www.rabobank.com.au/security

Let's have a last cheque

From 24 May 2024, Rabobank will no longer be able to process cheques that you’ve written.  From this date, you can use Rabobank Internet Banking and the Rabobank mobile app for all payments. Digital methods are a quick and secure method to make payments.

Why are we making this change? 

A third-party who processes cheques for many financial institutions, including Rabobank, has advised that from 24 May 2024 they will no longer provide these services.  To address the declining use of cheques in the financial industry, Rabobank already offers safer, faster and more reliable payment alternatives. 

The Australian Government has also announced that cheques will be phased out by 2030 in Australia.

Alternate ways of making payments

You will benefit from more secure payments methods by using some of the following convenient digital ways for paying and getting paid*:

Internet Banking

  • If you have your payee’s BSB and Account Number, you can make a transfer to their bank account
  • Pay bills or invoices using a BPAY biller code. Save the biller details for future payments
  • See panel to the right for helpful 'How to' videos.

Mobile Banking

  • When you are on the move, BPAY and Pay Anyone is also available on your mobile app
  • See panel to the right for helpful 'How to' videos.

Card Payment

  • Make payments in person, online or over the phone using your VISA debit card
  • Added security with a PIN and CVV

Our Telephone Banking

Call Client Services team to:

  • Make transfers or payments
  • Find account balances and transactions

* If these methods are available to your product

What is not changing?

  • Australia Post over the counter cheque deposits using your VISA Debit card or Barcode deposit slip.*
  • Deposit Books will remain available to manually order through our Client Services team. Simply call us on 1800 025 484.

*Refer to your Rabobank account statement or use our Deposit Book for your Barcode deposit slip.

Timing of changes: 

From 1 September 2023:

  • Cheque books will no longer be issued on new accounts. If a cheque book has not already been linked to your existing account, a cheque facility will not be available to you on that account.
  • Replacement cheque books will no longer be issued automatically. If you require a replacement cheque book through the transition period to May 2024, please contact Client Services on 1800 025 484 or your Account Manager.
  • Rabobank will no longer accept client requests to issue Bank Cheques.  
  • Ask your payees to deposit any cheques you’ve written prior to 1 May 2024.  
  • Given that many payees delay presenting cheques, we recommend that you use electronic payments as soon as possible.
  • Account Terms and Conditions will be updated to reflect these changes and can be found at www.rabobank.com.au/corporate/legal.


Most payments can be made using Rabobank Internet Banking's Pay Anyone or BPAY options.

If the nominated account has Rabobank Internet Banking capability, then you could log into Rabobank's Internet Banking to perform the transfer to the third-party account. Or alternatively, organise this payment by requesting a disbursement authority form from the Client Services team, as those payments are going to a Third Party and certain security requirements need to be met.

At this stage, NCC clients could contact the Client Services team to request a transfer of funds from their NCC loan to the nominated account and this can be done over the phone without written instructions.

If you issue Rabobank branded cheques between now and 1 May 2024, you should advise your payees to ensure the cheque is banked before 24 May 2024.

We recommend that you become familiar with the alternate payment methods as soon as possible.

Technically, other banks should not accept Rabobank cheques for deposit to their customer's account. However, if they do accept one, the cheque will progress through the clearing system and be dishonoured.

You will need to make a payment to the payee via a different payment method. Acceptable payment methods are: Debit card, Rabobank Internet Banking (Pay Anyone, BPAY) or Client Services team assistance.

There is no change to clients' ability to deposit cheques through Australia post this current process will remain on-going.

'Payments' refers specifically to payments you are making to your payees.

Rabobank branches will stop endorsing client cheques which are then presented for cashing in a Westpac branch from 17 May 2024. We recommend you become familiar with the alternate payment methods as soon as possible.

After 24 May 2024, Rabobank clients will not be charged, however the payee's bank may impose a fee on the payee for the dishonour.

You should advise your payees that Rabobank branded cheques will not be accepted for banking from 24 May 2024 and encourage them to bank the cheque(s) as soon as possible.

Consider using Rabobank's Internet Banking to pay your payees as required.

For more information on frauds and scams pleasevisit the Security Tips page.

Contact us

We are here to help you with any queries you may have about this change, so please contact your Account Manager, Branch staff or our Client Services team on 1800 025 484 (from overseas +61 2 8115 2240) Monday to Friday between 6am and 8pm (AEST time).