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Deceased Estate

If you've recently suffered the loss of a loved family member or friend, we can help you at this difficult time. The support we can provide, can be tailored to your individual situation. 

We will require documents to support you in gaining access to information and/or to act on your instructions with regards to an account involving a deceased person. 

Deceased Estate

If you've recently suffered the loss of a loved family member or friend, we can help you at this difficult time. The support we can provide, can be tailored to your individual situation. 

We will require documents to support you in gaining access to information and/or to act on your instructions with regards to an account involving a deceased person. 



It is important that you tell us, as soon as possible of a family member or friend passing, so we can support you through this difficult time. 

You can let us know by contacting us using the below methods. 

  • If the deceased held a Farm Business (Rural Banking) product/s, by
    • Email: Sydney.client.services@rabobank.com
    • Mail: Client Services Manager, Rabobank, GPO Box 4577, Sydney, NSW 2001
    • Phone: your local Rabobank branch on 1300 30 30 33 Regional Call Centre, for agricultural clients, who will put you in contact with your local branch on (Phone) 1800 025 484 (Mon– Fri 6am - 8pm (AEDT)) or call your local area manager directly. If you're overseas, you can call +61 2 8115 2240
    • Visit: your local branch and speak directly to your Account Manager or contact your local Rabobank branch. Often a discussion with a staff member who is familiar with your business can provide a resolution
  • If the deceased held a Rabobank Online Savings product/s by:
    • Phone: 1800 445 445 (free call), Mon- Fri  6am – 8pm Sydney time). If you’re overseas call: +61 2 8115 2558
    • Email: ROSDataManagement@rabobank.com
    • Mail: Client Services Manager, Rabobank, GPO Box 4577, Sydney, NSW 2001



2.1 To enable us to provide you with information about the deceased’s account(s), (including relevant ongoing fees, direct debits and recurring payments), we will require the following:

  • A certified copy of the Death Certificate.

2.1.1 We will also require one of the following:

  • A certified copy of the Last Will and Testament, where you are nominated as the executor; 
  • Other certified official document (acceptable to us), where you are identified as a next of kin; or
  • A certified copy of the Letters of Administration you have applied for.

2.2 To enable us to act on your instructions, you must give us one of the following:

  • A certified copy of the Grant of Probate where you are named as executor; or
  • A certified copy of the Letters of Administration where you are named as administrator.
  • Where a legal representative is involved, evidence of authority to act on behalf of the executor or administrator.

2.3 For deposit products (including the All In One Credit Only Product) where the account value is in credit up to $15, 000.00, you do not need to provide us with the documents at 2.2 above in order for us to act on your instructions.  However a Deceased Estate Indemnity Form will need to be completed and signed by the acceptable executor, next of kin or administrator.

2.4 In addition to 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 above, we need to confirm your identity using one of the following methods:

  • If you are an existing Rabobank client, you can provide us with your account number and complete the security questions;
  • You can present acceptable original identification documents to Rabobank staff at our rural offices; 
  • You can provide certified copies of acceptable identification documents to our rural offices or Regional Call Centre.



For deposit products we can release funds from the deceased account/s to pay for immediate funeral expenses or estate debts (up to lesser of $15,000 or the credit balance of the account) when a request is received from the next of kin, executor or administrator. In addition to the documents listed at Step 2 above, you will need to give us either:

  • tax invoice (where that person has not paid for the funeral); or
  • tax receipt (if the funeral is already paid for); and

In certain circumstances, we may require a completed Deceased Estate Indemnity Form, where you are unable to provide us with the tax invoice or tax receipt. 

The payment or reimbursement can be processed by sending an email to ROSDataManagement@rabobank.com, along with other required documents. 



Once all the relevant documents are received, we will confirm you are an authorised representative in order to provide you with information and/or to act on your instructions. 

Depending on the complexity of the arrangements, in particular loan accounts, we may need additional information (in the table below) from you, in order to provide you with information or act on your instructions. We will request the information from you as soon as possible.

Business Accounts:
  • If relevant to your claim, certified copies of company extracts or other documents evidencing directorship and authority to give instructions for the company
  • If the account is to be closed, instructions by company directors of where to transfer the funds of the estate to
  • If the request is to keep the account open, but with new details, please include this in the written instructions
 Trust/ Self-Managed Superannuation Funds 
  • Certified copy of the SMSF Trust Deed and any variation deeds
  • Deed of variation evidencing new trustee appointments, if applicable
  • If the account is to be closed, instructions from the authorised party (ies)
 Individual or Joint Accounts
  • If this is a joint deposit/transaction account that is not held by a partnership nor connects with any loan products, and the request is for this account to stay open solely under the remaining account owner, simply provide the certified copy of the deceased's Death Certificate.

 Where you are unable to show the application for Letters of Administration and there is no Will, these will be managed on a case-by-case basis. We will review the request and advise you of our requirements. 



On receipt of all the required information from you, we will:

  • provide you with the relevant information about the deceased’s accounts within 14 days (including balances, direct debits and recurring payments on those accounts); and/or
  • provide you with a letter within 14 days:
    • confirming payments and account closure; or
    • the steps we are taking to act on your instructions.

Depending on the complexity of the arrangements (for example loan accounts with complicated structures), it may take longer to act on your instructions. We will endeavour to act on your instructions as soon as possible.

We will be in contact should we require any further information.

An email confirmation will be sent once all the relevant documents have been received and the Estate is finalised. Please allow 5 business days for any funds transfers to be completed. If you require any closing statements, please let us know and we will issue these in the next monthly cycle.

Please note that we can only electronically transfer funds as Rabobank does not have the facilities to issue cheques. 



Once you notify us and provide the documents required above, we will:

  • Identify any fees that are for the product and services that are no longer to be provided or will not be provided to the deceased’s estate;
  • Stop charging those fees; and
  • If any fees referred to above have already been charged since the clients death, refund those fees.


Sole Individual / Sole Director Company Account Owners – Deposit and Loan Accounts:

We may place a debit block on any deposit and loan accounts where the account owner is a sole individual, sole trustee or sole company. This will result in the following changes to the account/s:

  • Block all internet banking access to the account/s;
  • A debit block will be placed on the account/s;
  • No funds can be withdrawn from the account/s; and
  • Credit payments will continue to be credited to the account/s.


Joint Accounts – Deposit Accounts:
  • The Joint Account owner will still have access to the  account (credits and debits) as per normal and the surviving account owner will not need to be formally identified in order to access funds from the joint accounts. Joint accounts will be transferred into the name of the surviving account owner/s once we have received a certified copy of the full Death Certificate
  • Generally, the ‘principle of survivorship’ applies to jointly held bank accounts. This means that in the case of a joint account owner’s death, the surviving joint account owner/s receive the remaining funds and full control of the account.
  • Term deposits: The joint account holder, next of kin, executor or administrator can either continue the term deposit until maturity or request the funds be released prior to maturity. We will need certain documentation in order to be able to release the funds before the end of the term deposit term. All interest penalties will be waived and interest paid will accrue up until the date of closure.


Loan Accounts:
  • The estate of the deceased will need to continue paying the loan.
  • Interest will continue to accrue on the account until the loan is finalised. 
  • For sole account owner accounts (including sole director and sole individual trustee account owners), the loan facility will no longer be available, and all debits will be blocked.
  • Should the next of kin, executor, administrator or solicitor acting for the estate have concerns regarding the debit block they should contact Rabobank immediately. 
  • The Account Manager will help you through the process including, if requested, producing title deeds or any associated safe custody packets that we might hold on the deceased’s behalf. If you require the deceased’s name to be removed from the title deeds, please contact your preferred solicitor for more information. 
  • If you’re concerned that the regular loan repayments cannot be met, please contact the Account Manager.


Trust Accounts:
  • If the deceased was a trustee of a trust account and you are a beneficiary, we recommend that you seek independent financial and/or legal advice. To make changes to the trust account, we require instructions from the trustees. 


Power of Attorneys and Third Party Authorities
  • All Powers of Attorney and Third Party Authorities will cease once we are notified of the deceased’s death. 



Require extra care:
  • We understand that you may need support that is right for your circumstances, when you are dealing with a difficult or challenging situation. Life can take unexpected turns and we can help you (or someone close to you). Please refer to our Difficult Circumstances website page (on https://www.rabobank.com.au/difficult-circumstances/) for information on how we can support you or where to go for external support. 


What if I don’t have a Death Certificate?
  • In place of a Death Certificate, please send any certified copies of the documents stating the death of the deceased. This could be a medical certificate stating the death or a coroner’s letter confirming the passing. 


How do I get a certified copy of a document?
  • Please see our Rabobank Certification Reference Sheet here


What if the deceased does not have a valid Will?
  • If there is no valid Will, we can accept certified copies of documents showing you are applying to be the Administrator of the Estate through the use of Letters of Administration.
  • For more information about this process, please see the Public Trustee or the Supreme Court website for your respective state.


How can I access funds for funeral or Estate debts (before finalising the Estate)?
  • We may be able to release funds from the deceased’s account(s) to pay for funeral or any Estate debts. Refer to Step 3 above