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From the latest commodity market and sector outlooks, to practical case studies, industry success stories and rural grass-root initiatives. 

Knowledge tour of the mid-west

A group of leading grain producers from across Australia has returned from a knowledge tour of America’s Midwest, visiting some of that country’s largest-scale farming operations on a fact-finding mission to learn from their US counterparts.
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Will the market pay for protein?

So the market will be paying for protein, but will it pay enough to warrant growers chasing protein?
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Inland freight rail to boost Australia’s competitiveness

The $8.4 billion commitment to the inland freight rail connection between Melbourne and Brisbane is a boon for the sector and critical in Australia’s challenge to remain competitive in the global grains market.
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Could Australian grain farmers gain from US uncertainty

Challenges to the 2018 US Farm Bill could result in a level playing field for Australian grain farmers.
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Australian beef looking good in the US

From an Australian producer perspective, although the US import prices are not at the record levels experienced in 2014 and 2015, they are returning to a more normal trend.
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Australian Cotton Exports on the Rise

World cotton consumption has caught many by surprise this year, with trade estimates across the board revised higher, ours included.
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Upcoming EOFY - How Rabobank can help

The countdown to the end of the financial year has begun. Now is the time to consider the options available to put your business and how Rabobank can help.
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How Brexit affects Australian Grain

A recent shipment of canola from Newcastle to the United Kingdom suggests that Brexit could affect Australian grain.
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Seed, Grow & Show Program

An initiative from the Rabobank Client Councils, the Seed, Grow & Show Program brings together high school students and agriculture.
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