Kristy Felton, Perth WA

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As a worker in market research, Perth-based Kristy Felton put her research skills to good use to find out how Rabobank is supporting farmers before deciding to start saving with the bank.

The impetus for the research came about two years ago when Kristy was saving up for her house deposit and found Rabobank on a site recommending good interest rates.

“I’d seen the name Rabobank around but never really knew much about them. Obviously, being a city girl, they didn’t really mean much to me,” Kristy said.

“I went to check out the Rabobank product and then started reading about what the bank does for farmers. And I thought 'ok, I’m sold'. It was a no brainer for me to put my money into a place that was helping farmers out.

“That was the tipping point that made me choose Rabobank above any other bank really.”

And attending Rabobank’s Farm2Fork Summit this year strengthened her understanding of Rabobank while giving her a first-hand look at innovation and sustainability in the food and agriculture sector.

Cossar Family

“It was amazing, such a great experience and I absolutely loved it,” Kristy said.

“Being from the city, I don’t have much involvement or contact with people who work on farms, so it was really interesting for me to be able to hear all the innovative things that are going on in Australian farms and how the bank is supporting that.

Cossar Family
“I now think a lot more about the food that I’m eating, where it’s from, the people behind the farms and how hard they are working, and the brilliant ideas that they are coming up with."

“When you go into a supermarket and the food is all packaged up, you don’t really put much thought into where it has come from and who are the people growing it.

“At Farm2Fork, I saw that they are people like me and they’re people with families and kids. It was quite eye opening for me and it certainly changed my perspective.”