Alex Lawlor, Adelaide SA

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CSIRO Project Officer Alex Lawlor has been happily saving with Rabobank for more than a decade, but last year she discovered one more important reason to be pleased with her banking choice.

The discovery came when she spent the day at the 2019 Rabobank Farm2Fork Summit in Sydney where, Alex said, she realised just how much Rabobank supports the agriculture industry.

“I couldn’t believe how much the bank actually puts in to the agriculture industry – it’s huge! That really made me proud to be banking with Rabobank,” she said.

One of 10 Rabobank customers to win double passes to the bank’s international event promoting sustainability and innovation in food and agriculture, Alex said Farm2Fork really opened her eyes.

Because she mainly works on almonds at the CSIRO in Adelaide, Alex said it was great to see so many different aspects of agriculture at the summit.

“My husband couldn’t make it to the event so I took my girlfriend, and she really got a lot out of it too,” she added

“A friend I worked with initially recommended Rabobank to me. We used our Rabobank savings to help buy our first house,” Alex said.

“I still deposit money every week and hopefully that will remain untouched for 10 years too. Then, I’ll probably spend it on our girls when they grow up.”

“Gaining a better understanding of Rabobank’s involvement in the food and agriculture industry is an added bonus!”