Tamika Morrison & Marlon McMahon, Adelaide SA

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For relative newcomer to Rabobank Online Savings Tamika Morrison, and her friend Marlon McMahon, Rabobank’s Farm2Fork Summit last year was a massive eye-opener – changing the way they think when buying food and even inspiring a possible career change.

As Rabobank Golden Ticket competition winners, Tamika and Marlon secured one of 10 double VIP passes to Farm2Fork in Sydney, where leading producers and industry trailblazers explored cutting-edge ideas to feed a growing population using more sustainable methods.

The couple were flown to Sydney from Adelaide, where Tamika is self-employed and Marlon works for Australia Post.

“We absolutely loved the Farm2Fork experience, and if we could come back again, we’d absolutely love to!” Tamika said.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event, and Marlon came out of it inspired to think about going down the path of learning more about agriculture. He hasn’t done anything yet, but it really got him thinking about career choices and what he wanted to do.”

Describing herself as a general saver who just likes to save as much money as she can, Tamika said that when she first started saving with Rabobank about a year ago the main attraction was the interest rate.

While that still remains a draw, Farm2Fork gave her a much greater understanding of the bank itself, as well as the ag and food sector as a whole.

“I think Rabobank is really supportive of farming. They really showed a lot of initiative to help the farmers, to help them to grow their businesses and support them and support them in ways they can innovate and expand their businesses,” she said.

“Farm2Fork wasn’t just for people who have businesses in the industry, it was general knowledge for everyone. I think it’s really important for everyone to know where their food comes from, and about sustainability.

“As someone who buys food it’s important to know what’s happening with our food. I’ve gone into the supermarket and seen some of the products we heard about at Farm2Fork, and that’s pretty cool.”