Five simple ways to save on your energy bill this winter

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With energy prices soaring around the country and temperatures dropping, our friends at Finder have put together five helpful tips to you keep your bills down over the colder months.

1. Choosing the right heater could save you money

Finder found that the average winter heating cost in Australia is $218 per household. However, not every type of heater is equal in cost.

Their research showed that:

  • Panel heaters are the cheapest type of electric heater to run, costing $165 on average.
  • Convection gas heaters tend to be cheaper than radiant gas heaters, costing $230 on average.

2. Is your home well insulated?

Proper insulation can cost around $1,000 to install but you can make small changes to keep the cold out.

Use thick curtains for windows and close the blinds when you can. Have chilly draughts? Get a door snake, towels or whatever else you may have to block the cold wind from coming in.

3. Make the most of off-peak times

Depending on your tariff, you could stand to save money by using power when it costs you less.

During winter, many energy retailers will start charging more to those on time of use tariffs during peak times. This is usually a 4-hour period in the evening.

For example, Ausgrid in NSW breaks its pricing times into the following:

  • Winter peak times: 5pm–9pm on weekdays
  • Winter shoulder: 7am–5pm and 9pm–10pm on weekdays
  • Winter off-peak: 10pm–7am weekdays and on the weekend

It might seem absurd at first but running your dryer in the evening can work out cheaper than if you ran it during the day.

4. Adjust the temperature on your air conditioner

Setting a lower temperature on your air conditioner just a few degrees less can add up at the end of the winter period. Work smarter, not harder.

5. Wear extra clothes

If you rug up when you're inside, you'll have less need to turn the heater on. A trusty pair of thermals under your clothes, as well as footwear, can be quite comfortable to avoid losing heat quickly.

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