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Divert food from the bin and make your tastebuds (and wallet) sing

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Small steps can drive significant results

Fresh insights from the free Saveful app reveal that users have saved more than approximately 128kg of beef mince, 150kg of brown onions and 160kg of eggs through creative delicious recipes backed by Matt Moran.

The app empowers households to put this food on the table by reversing the recipe rule book and enables them to make thousands of different dishes with what’s already on hand in the kitchen.

Total food saved by users of Saveful

Understanding how your actions may impact your wallet and our planet can be made clear through the Saveful dashboard. Since launching in November 2024 users of Saveful have saved an estimated:

  • 1,809.94kg of food
  • AUD $26,492
  • 3,438.18 kg of CO2

According to the latest National Food Waste Strategy Feasibility Study, Australians waste over $19.3 billion dollars on food waste, enough to feed over 2 million households. With the rising cost of living affecting Australians, how much is food waste costing the average Australian family?

  • $2,500 per year on food not eaten
  • 15Kg of food thrown away per week

To help Australians understand the impact of food waste on the environment and wallet, Saveful, an innovative new app helping Australian families to save money and food, and Rabobank, a global leader in food and agribusiness banking, have partnered up this World Environmental Day to launch the 2024 Food Waste Stats, including insights and solutions to help mitigate this ongoing worldwide food waste challenge.

Using Saveful App at a kitchen bench

Tackling food waste, one carrot at a time

The 2024 Food Waste Stats highlight the ‘most searched’ ingredients in the app with carrots topping the list. Search results for carrot recipes provide users with risotto, bolognese, fudgy brownies, muesli bars, rice balls and ‘everything fritters’ to name a few of the recipes to divert carrots from being thrown in the bin.

Other popular searches include chicken breast, eggs, zucchini and broccoli.

Ten tips to give your food a new zest of life

The insights provide helpful tips and tricks to prolong the life of your food and substitutes for when you don’t have the right ingredients on hand.

Kim McDonnell, Saveful CEO was excited by the genuine impact the partnership will play in helping families to save food and save money.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Rabobank and value their commitment to helping families to save food and money, whilst connecting the farm to fork message. The app also includes a number of food and farm fun facts provided by Rabobank to help Australians understand and appreciate the effort and resources that go into creating our food. As an example, did you know it takes two years to grow a pineapple?”

Kimberley Silva, Rabobank Senior Brand and Engagement Manager, said “As a food and agribusiness bank, we want to help consumers maximise their food, waste less, and save money in the process. We are committed to helping Aussies understand how food gets from farm to fork and tackling the global food waste challenge together. We’re also really proud of the fact that 100% of Rabobank deposits support Australian agribusinesses.

Kimberley encouraged Australians to download the Saveful app this World Environmental Day and to get creative in the kitchen.

About Saveful

  • Saveful is an intuitive and practical platform empowering Australians to save money, save time and reduce food waste.
  • 80% of Australians say they are feeling the pinch of rising living costs and are looking for ways to save but are throwing away 1-in-5 bags of groceries they purchase.
  • 70% of food thrown away at home is still perfectly edible.
  • The app empowers households to put this food on the table by reversing the recipe rule book and enables them to make thousands of different dishes with what’s already on hand in the kitchen.
  • Saveful can help households save $2,000-$3,000 each year. Users simply ‘swipe right’ on flexible meal frameworks to make the most of what is on hand based on their taste, cooking skills and dietary requirements.
  • Saveful delivers a personalised user experience and flexible meal frameworks to users for free, based on an individual household’s needs, as well as the ability to build long-term home cooking habits simply and conveniently.
  • Whether it’s using those items quickly approaching their use-by dates, giving last night’s leftovers a makeover or simply serving up a delicious dish when the kids ask ‘What’s for dinner tonight?’ – Saveful enables Australians to serve up a meal with what they already have, puts to good use those often-forgotten items in the cupboard or fridge and prevents endless trips to the supermarket.
  • Busy families will also be able to get the most out of their food with access to chef hacks, tips and tricks – guiding them along the food journey from planning meals, shopping for food, and storing items to preparing and making meals.



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