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We are currently experiencing a higher than usual volume of calls and the wait time to speak to a representative has increased. So we can best help you with your enquiry please see if we can answer your question via our FAQ’s. Simply go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and select 'FAQ’s', otherwise please wait on the line and we will be with you as soon as possible.

RaboDirect is now Rabobank

One Bank, One Brand

We’re always striving to improve your experience with us and that means we not only listen to, but also act on, your feedback.

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For the past decade, RaboDirect has operated as the online savings arm of Rabobank. Our research has told us that our customers love the fact that 100% of their savings are used to support Aussie farmers. To bring our savings and farming clients together in one community, we've recently changed our name from RaboDirect to Rabobank and will soon be bringing our websites together. On this new single site, you’ll have easy to access online banking, product information, help and support and contact details. You’ll find your products and accounts under Rabobank Online Savings. We look forward to receiving feedback on our new website so we can continue to improve our service to you.

Founded by farmers, for farmers over 120 years ago, the Rabobank Group continues to invest in a sustainable food future for all, supporting the production of more food, using less of the world’s precious resources. Our cooperative values mean that we are accountable to only our clients and communities, not to shareholder demands like many other banks, so we can focus 100% on our mission of helping farmers grow sustainably to feed a growing world population.

As the world’s leading agribusiness bank, the Rabobank Group finances over $145bn in the food and agriculture sector globally. We also support small and micro farmers toward self-sufficiency in 22 emerging and developing countries through the Rabo Foundation.

We’ve recently made some improvements to your online banking experience and delivering a new mobile app. With a consistent design across both, you’ll find a new layout of your account summary screen and simpler navigation to view transactions and complete transfers. We have also changed the way we generate statements, you will receive a monthly notification advising you when your new statement is available to view or download.

The new ‘Rabobank Online Savings AU’ mobile app will replace the current ‘RaboDirect’ app. Follow these three simple steps to start using our new app:

  1. Uninstall the RaboDirect App from your device

  2. Download our new ‘Rabobank Online Savings AU’ App from the App Store or Google Play

  3. Have your Digipass handy to register the new app for first time use.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to see:

Because of the upgrade, some of the features you are used to seeing won’t be immediately available in our new online banking site or mobile app, but we’ll keep working on them to give you the best possible user experience. In the meantime, you will notice the following differences:

Online Banking

• The last login date won’t be displayed

• The account creation date won’t be displayed

• Previously, statements could be filtered by any date range, now they can be generated month by month (only 2 years’ worth of statements will be available)

• Tax statements will only be available for the preceding tax year

• Account nick names won’t be displayed

• Notice Saver Interest Account currently can’t be modified

• Term Deposits are now listed under the account summary screen

• Your Telephone PIN can’t be changed – if you remember your pin, you can still use this to identify yourself when you call us

• Decrease transfer limit won’t be an option online but we can help. Call us on 1800 445 445

• Remaining daily limit will no longer be displayed but we can help. Call us on 1800 445 445

• Product information will not be displayed, but this is available on the website

• My quick links is no longer available, but the new navigation is quick and easy to use

Mobile App

• Open Term Deposit is not available, but this can be done in online banking

• Term Deposit change re-investment option temporarily only available in Online Banking

• The last login date won’t be displayed

• Change Pin won’t be an option

• Balance Peek won’t be displayed

Rabobank Online Savings Terms and Conditions - Summary of changes

Merging RaboDirect into Rabobank means that we had to make some changes to our Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are now compliant with the new Banking Code of Practice, which comes into effect on 1 July 2019, and we have also simplified them so they are easier for you to read and understand. The current and new Terms & Conditions can be found here.

We’ve summarised the changes below so you can quickly bring yourself up-to-date:

1) We’ve changed all ‘RaboDirect’ references to ‘Rabobank’ or ‘Rabobank Online Savings’

2) On the whole, we’ve simplified the Terms and Conditions to make it easier to read and understand, including:

a) Simplifying the language and terminology used;

b) Rearranging the order of clauses to make them easier to for you to follow;

c) Moving the Definitions section to the end of the document and reducing the amount of defined terms;

d) Substantially reducing the length of the Terms and Conditions, by removing unnecessary words and clauses, including the following sections in their entirety:

i. Losses Relating to Electronic Instructions

ii. Multi-Owner Accounts

iii. Information we provide

iv. Hyperlinks

v. Combing Accounts and Set off

vi. Losses relating to electronic instructions

vii. General information

viii. Corrections

ix. Risk Management

x. Financial Services Guide

xi. Regulated Superannuation funds;

e) Substantially updating the following sections:

i. General Requirements of Accounts and Account owner restrictions (now together, “Requirements open an Account”)

ii. Consent to Receive Electronic Communications (now “Communications with you”)

iii. Direct Debit Authority Service Agreement

iv. Errors, Disputes and Complaints

3) We’ve updated our rights to change the terms and conditions to be more fair to you, to clearly set out the specific circumstances in which we can amend the terms and conditions, and to give you at least 30 days’ notice if any change is unfavourable to you. We have also clarified our right to close an account with reasonable notice.

4) We’ve removed clauses related to Business and Trust accounts as we no longer offer them to new customers.

5) We’ve removed references to third party transfers as we no longer offer this.

6) We’ve changed the terms relating to reflect changes to the way we provide you with statements.

7) We’ve added a new section about how your account can be operated by intermediaries and attorneys

8) We’ve added a new clause regarding use of our promotional offers.

RaboDirect Financial Services Guide – Summary of changes

The RaboDirect Financial Services Guide will be effective until the 22nd April. As of the 23rd April, it will replaced by the Rabobank Financial Services Guide which can be found here.

RaboDirect Privacy Policy – Summary of changes

As of the 23rd April, the RaboDirect Privacy Policy will be discontinued and replaced by the Rabobank Privacy Policy which can be located here.

Notice Saver Product Disclosure Statement – Summary of changes

The Notice Saver Account Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) has been updated to reflect name change from RaboDirect to Rabobank. The updated PDS can be found here.

‘On Behalf Of’ Account Structure Changes – Summary of changes

As of Tuesday the 23rd April 2019, we will no longer support the ‘On Behalf Of’ account structure. Any existing On Behalf Of accounts will stay open in the primary account holder’s name and will in effect operate and be treated in the same way as an Individual account. There will be no change to login details, interest rates or account details and the same Digipass can continue to be used as normal.

If you no longer use your account or wish to close it down, please call us on 1800 445 445 or send us a secure message with your request.

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