Please note from 15 March 2024 any Australian Variable Rate changes to the All in One - Regulated Loan Standard Line of Credit will be made available on our website and in The Australian newspaper and any changes to the credit fees and charges to the All in One - Regulated Loan Standard Line of Credit will be communicated to you in writing and made available on our website click here for more information).

Rabobank warns of an increased risk of scam and fraudulent activity including fictitious emails regarding fake Rabobank Term Deposits. Protect yourself online

Optus Cyberattack

Rabobank is aware of the cyberattack involving Optus customer information and is actively monitoring the situation. Rabobank’s systems have not been compromised as a result of this cyberattack on Optus. Customers should be alert for an increase in scam and fraudulent activity at this time, including, but not limited to:

  1. Phishing phone calls and/or SMS messages claiming to be from your bank or any other service provider. If you receive such a call do not trust the caller just because they have any of your personal information or appear to be calling from a trusted number. In case of any doubt, hang up on the call and directly contact your bank or service provider on the helpline that is listed on their official website.
  2. If you are a Rabobank customer, your account is protected by two-factor authentication using the Digipass or RSA SecurID® device provided to you. Rabobank will never ask you to share the Digipass or RSA SecurID® token code and/or transfer funds out of your account to protect your funds. If you receive any phone calls asking you to do this, hang up on the call immediately and directly contact Rabobank on 1800 445 445.
  3. Phishing emails and/or SMS messages with links to spoofed websites that might look very similar to the original website of your bank or service provider. As a precautionary measure, do not click on any links in the email/SMS and always only access Internet Banking through the official website of your bank.
  4. Monitor your account for any unexpected transactions - if you see an unexpected transaction, call your bank immediately to report the transaction.
  5. As an added security measure if you'd like to reduce the daily transfer limit on your bank account, contact your bank directly to place restrictions on the transfer limit.